A farmer living in Sardinia Cristian Mallocci had no faith in his eyes when one of his eight dogs gave birth to a green-haired puppy, writes the news agency Reuters.

It was immediately named Pistachio, a pistachio nut.

A mixed-breed mother named Spelacchia gave birth to five puppies on October 9, all of which were the color of their mother, except the Pistachio son.

The color disappears as the dog grows

Green fur is very rare in dogs. It is thought to come from when a blond baby comes into contact with green biliverdin in the mother’s womb. It is a metabolic product that causes, among other things, the greenish color of healing bruises.

Unfortunately or not, Pistachio’s coat will lighten as it grows.

The dog owner plans to give the other puppies away, but keeps Pistachio to himself and teaches it to herd sheep with his mother Spelacchia.

Farmer Mallocci hopes that in these difficult times of the Corona, his green dog will be a symbol of hope and happiness and make people smile.