Few sensations are comparable for a football fan like seeing the goalkeeper of the team become the hero of the match with a last goal, but what was experienced in the Vinarós-Peñíscola of First Regional It is the example that the life of the fan, sometimes, is very cruel.

Ran the minute 95. Vinarós lost 0-1 and they were whistled a foul in favor on the edge of the area. For his good shot, they asked their goalkeeper to shoot … and marked. Madness in the stands, including the commentator who was narrating the meeting and who is a fan of the Castellón club.

But there were still a few moments to play. The goalkeeper, hero of the day, went back to his place, while excitedly trying to digest what he had done. He was so absorbed in the goal he had scored that he did not realize he was too far ahead … and a Peñíscola footballer took advantage of it. He sent a long shot that slipped over the goalkeeper, who on the ground could not believe that he had swallowed such a goal.

In just a few seconds, he went from hero of the day … to villain. The disappointment of the stands was perfectly highlighted in the narration.