A friendly for history: the first player was expelled by VAR in Argentine soccer

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Marcelo Lamas, from Defensores de Belgrano, saw the red for an elbow to an Armenio player. The game was played in the Argentine Association of Referees.

HE WHERE It is in the experimentation phase in the country and is being tested on the grounds of the Argentine Association of Referees: there they measured in a pre-season friendly two teams from the ascent, Defensores de Belgrano and Deportivo Armenio, in a match that had the first expelled in Argentine soccer for this technology.

They were 24 minutes into the first stage when the steering wheel of Defenders of Belgrano, Marcelo Lamas, elbowed a rival that judge Lucas Comesaña did not notice.

There, the VAR officials, Leandro Rey Hilfer, Hernán Paletta and Ariel Penel came into action, calling the main referee to warn him of the situation. Finally there was the expulsion of Lamas, the first player to see the red for this technology in Argentina.

This was not the first friendly that VAR had in Argentine football: on Friday they had already been measured at the grounds of the Argentine Association of Referees of Bajo Flores Comunicaciones-Flandria, which was the first meeting in the country that had this technology , Colegiales-Midland and Deportivo Morón-Almirante Brown in the Western Classic.

This Saturday the VAR was also implemented in the triumph of Platense 3-1 against Villa Dálmine, which was also played on the referee’s premises, although it did not have any interference.

Federico Beligoy, National Director of Arbitration, agreed with the first tests that were made and even dared to argue that “there is less and less time for the landing of technology.”

He did so through a message on social networks: “There was a total commitment from the refereeing party and also from the teams that have collaborated so that the VAR reaches Argentine football,” he had assured the sports newspaper Olé a few days ago.

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