A friend talks about his dementia

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Sean Connery suffered from dementia. Now the ex-racing driver Jackie Stewart reveals how he experienced the actor before his death.

How was Sean Connery really doing in the weeks leading up to his death? A question that the many fans of the Hollywood star in particular ask and which the former automobile racing driver Jackie Stewart, 81, now answers to a certain extent.

Sean Connery’s widow confirms dementia

Shortly after it became known that Sean Connery had died at the age of 90, his wife Micheline Roquebrune, 91, spoke up and confirmed what had been suspected for a number of years: the “James Bond” actor suffered from dementia and led therefore only a very limited life. Sean Connery’s widow revealed that he couldn’t even express himself properly.Sean Connery: Widow Micheline Roquebrune talks about his death

How was the actor really doing?

Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart, with whom the actor was good friends for many years, also spoke on the television show “Good Morning Britain” about the recently very worrying condition of Connery: “I saw him again not so long ago before his death and it was a sad sight. I think Sean would have preferred to leave us a little earlier. He wasn’t feeling well. “

The ex-racing driver himself has experience with the disease and knows what he is talking about: “Unfortunately, he has had major complaints for more than two years, it is a terrible disease. I know that because my wife Helen unfortunately also suffers from dementia. It’s a great loss to Scotland, Britain and the world. “

But Jackie Stewart will also miss his friend personally. Outside of the huge fan hype, Sean Connery was just a quiet, amazing man and a great friend.

Sources used: dailymail.co.uk


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