Snakes can be greedy. This was experienced by an Australian Lea-Ann Mears, when an amethyst python about four meters in weight but weighing only five kilograms (Simalia amethystina) tried to eat him in the middle of the night. The comedy of the situation is underscored by the fact that the serpent tried to swallow its victim’s ass above.

“I had to forcibly twist the snake’s teeth out of my buttocks’ flesh, ”Mears described as the situation developed after a nocturnal surprise awakening. Interviewed Mears According to New Scientist “Blood was everywhere,” and was leaked from both Mears ’hand and back.

Mears was hospitalized for quilting, but the injuries were minor in the end. Pyton also survived the incident and was released back into the wild the next day.

According to the New Scientist, a biologist Daniel Natusch had warned Mears the day before about a python moving in the area, whose movements and territory behavior Natusch and colleagues followed on a radio collar. According to Natusch, the pyton could very well put children under three years old in his mouth.

Mears did lock his children’s bedroom, but he himself wasn’t worried about the snake. On the contrary, in the heat of tropical North Queensland, he left the front door open to ventilate the house.

The case happened as early as March 2014, but now a scientific article has been published about it In Austral Ecology. The report has been prepared by a Natusch-led trio of researchers from the University of Sydney together with Mears himself.

From a scientific point of view, Natusch is particularly interested in why, in a miracle, the snake tried to eat a prey of 64 kg, which is almost 13 times larger than itself. According to him, there have been a few other similar cases in Australia.

Yes, you read that right. The weight of a woman must not be asked, but because of scientific exactness, this information also had to be reported to the world.

The story was originally published In Tekniikka & Talous magazine.