A femicide in Bolivia is sentenced to thirty years in prison

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The case of a femicide of notable repercussion in Bolivia, it was closed with the maximum sentence in the country for the main defendant after five years of judicial process, although the family of the sentenced maintains its position that it was a traffic accident.

Through social networks some applauded a judgment They considered that justice is finally being served, while others expressed their disagreement with messages such as that it is a “legal aberration” because they believe it was an accident.

Justice is done

For the Coordinadora de la Mujer, an organization that groups 26 entities that defend gender equality in Bolivia, sees a “positive sign” this maximum condemnation that will help to overcome the “high percentages of impunity” in cases of sexist violence and femicides in the country.

“This sentence is a positive sign In order to move forward in these cases, it is an achievement of the family, of the mother, who have persisted for several years in the criminal process, “the executive director of the Coordinator for Women, Mónica Novillo, told Efe.

The facts in question

Last night the Seventh Sentencing Court in La Paz ordered a sentence of thirty years in prison without the right to pardon for William Kushner Dávalos, for the crime of femicide of her ex-partner Andrea Aramayo in 2015, according to the media the lawyer for the victim’s family, Paola Barriga.

The lawyer pointed out that Kushner’s main witness stated that she had “been threatened to lie” and pointed out that the victim ran and grabbed the vehicle window the sentenced man was driving the night of his death

The incident happened in August 2015 when leaving a nightclub in La Paz, in which both coincided, when the man ran over the young woman with his vehicle.

They prove the femicide

Andrea Aramayo she died not from a traffic accident, she died because William Kushner murdered her, “said the family’s lawyer. Barriga argued that at least thirteen expert studies, eleven documentary evidence and the statements of 25 witnesses in the oral trial show that the man “committed feminicide.”

Meanwhile, the victim’s mother, Helen Álvarez, who is a journalist and activist for the Women rights, said that justice was achieved for his daughter, who “has spoken with her body and the judges have listened to her.”

For its part, the Kushner family announced that it will appeal and review with the lawyers what other steps can be taken after the sentence, by stating to local media that “by common sense” it was a accident and not a femicide.

The transitional government of Bolivia dedicated this year to the fight against femicides and infanticides in the country, where femicide is punishable by thirty years in prison without the right to pardon, the highest penalty in the country.



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