Chinese Cai Changpan, 37, was sitting in a death cell prison on the outskirts of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. He had been sentenced to death for methamphetamine smuggling.

On Monday, he fled along a tunnel that led from his cell to the Jakarta sewer network, says a city police spokesman Yusri Yunus | news agency Reuters.

Escaped during the shift

According to the fugitive’s cellmate, Changpan was preparing for an escape for 5-6 months, He used tools he had taken from the prison kitchen renovation site to dig the tunnel.

A spokesman for the Indonesian prison authorities told the media that Changpan had scheduled its escape to take place during the shift of guards.

Changpan was sentenced to death in 2017 after he was caught smuggling a 135-pound methamphetamine batch.

This is already another Escape from Changpan. Shortly after his arrest in 2007, he escaped from the remand prison by making a hole in the bathroom wall. However, he was caught then.