Mobility has been examined this year and facing next 2021 it still has several challenges to solve. Beyond sustainability and reducing emissions, which have been pending for some time now, safety and individual travel are the new transport guidelines and traffic.

And these have been the characteristics that have made winner the design ‘Muvone’, by Marius Lochne, in the last edition of the awards New Norm Mobility Award Ford, an award that is part of the New Designers, the UK’s largest showcase of recent graduate designer projects.

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This concept presents a self-driving taxi which, at the same time, is exclusively for individual use. Within the new normal adapted to the health crisis, this type of transport represents a safe and comfortable alternative.

Beyond the individual concept, this taxi has a very minimalist interior and exterior design, with flat surfaces and easy-to-clean materials. These characteristics allow its total disinfection between trips, thus giving a greater sense of security to its users.

Furthermore, the ‘Muvone’ is devised with the aim of a real social inclusion since it allows people with reduced mobility or functional diversity to use it easily.

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Among other features, it should be noted that it is an intelligent vehicle that focuses on the privacy and security of the individual. Ford has decided to award this autonomous taxi model because fits perfectly with the brand’s approach to human-centered design. Proof of this are the concept design language, branding and suitability for use with the current urban infrastructure.

The winner Marius Lochne may enjoy a cash prize of 1,000 pounds (around 1,120 euros), as well as taking advantage of a semester of mentorship from Ford Europe chief designers Ernst Reim and Sonja Vandenberk.