Alberta police said both front seats of Tesla were lying down and the driver and passenger were asleep. Also, when they turned on the lights of the truck, the Canadian’s car accelerated.

The BBC is still showing that the driver of the car, a 20-year-old man, will have to appear before a judge in December. Initially, he was fined for speeding and his license was suspended for 24 hours, as he was considered tired at the wheel, but eventually the sanction turned into a dangerous driving charge. The incident happened near the town of Ponoka, 100 kilometers from Edmonton, in July.

“No one was looking through the windshield to see where the car was going,” Sergeant Darri Turnbull was quoted as saying by CBC News. He said the Tesla model accelerated when police turned on the lights and the other cars pulled away. No one appeared to be in the car, but the car accelerated because the traffic had cleared in front of it, “Turnbull added.

Tesla cars operate at the second level of autonomy, ie the driver must remain alert and ready to take control, and his hands must be kept behind the wheel.

Tesla founder Elon Musk has announced that he hopes the cars produced by his company will become fully autonomous by the end of the year, with minimal driver involvement. However, he added that there are “many small problems” that will have to be solved by traffic testing.