A decisive Monday at Barcelona: it is defined if Josep Maria Bartomeu and the entire Board of Directors resign

The leaders asked to postpone the vote on the vote of no confidence against the president due to the health crisis and the Generalitat decides what will happen. If you go ahead, doors will slam.

The crisis in Barcelona does not stop this Monday the entire Board of Directors could resign, starting with its president Josep Maria Bartomeu, with an open conflict between the vote of the motion of censure against the leaders and the health crisis by the coronavirus, which led to the State of alarm sanctioned by the Spanish Government.

The Blaugrana team sent a letter to the vice president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonés, to request the suspension of the motion of censure that was going to be carried out on November 1 and 2 for strictly health reasons, before the agglomeration of people.

“Despite the efforts of the club, the design of a voting decentralization process, the delay of a week in the approval of the protocol and the worsening of the situation force us to redefine the plan and vote in a single venue (our stadium) “Bartomeu explained in the letter sent to Aragonés.

“It is a time of great decisions and great responsibilities for everyone, because we risk the lives and well-being of many people“, spread the institution.

And he added: “Our electorate has an average age of 58 years, with more than 40,000 members over 60 years of age. Our greatest concern is focused on avoiding any action that places these groups at a very high risk of contagion, given their vulnerability” .

If the Generalitat decides that everything is carried out as planned, even the possibility that all leaders present their resignation this Monday disagree.

“If the Generalitat de Catalunya remains in its idea of ​​approving the referendum for days 1 and 2, Josep Maria Bartomeu is willing to propose to its directors to present the resignation of all,” he said Sport, which cited the statements of a leader: “We will not be accomplices of this nonsense. People’s lives are more important, because there will always be time to vote.”

The promoter of the motion of censure and candidate for the presidency of the club, Jordi FarréHe pointed out that “a club like Barça should have sufficient resources to comply with the requirements of the Generalitat and convene the vote within the deadlines set by the Statutes.”

In addition, he warned that, if this Monday the Board of Directors does not make a formal call for the vote, it will take legal action against Bartomeu and company.

In addition to the contacts with the work group of the autonomous government for the organization of the referendum and the new scenario due to the pandemic, the directive will also analyze how the labor negotiation table is being developed to reduce the salary mass of soccer players and employees of the club encrypted at 30 percent.

The table has been set up for “the beginning of the procedure for the substantial collective modification of working conditions”, as well as for the Temporary Employment Regularization File (ERTE), and is made up of representatives of the Barcelona management and workers.


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