A crowd and tension in front of the wake house where the body of Diego Maradona was transferred

The remains of the Ten They were arranged in a funeral home in La Paternal before their final farewell at the Casa Rosada.

The body of Diego Maradona arrived this morning at a wake in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Paternal before the fervor of a crowd that applauded and cheered between shoves with the police guarding the place.

The remains of the star reached the Tres Arroyos wake from the San Fernando judicial morgue, where an autopsy was performed after his death occurred this afternoon in the San Andrés de Tigre neighborhood.

In the burial house, the body was prepared for the funeral ceremony in the Casa Rosada, in which around a million people are expected to participate.

Before the passage of the people is enabled, his closest family will see him off with a more intimate ceremony in the Government House itself, in the Hall of the Indigenous Peoples.

Throughout the entire journey between San Fernando and La Paternal, the body of the soccer star was accompanied by hundreds of people who, even on the highway, stopped for a few moments to chant his name and get excited as he passed.

Already in La Paternal, the police officers who were guarding the vehicle in which the remains of the Diez were found had some clashes with the crowd that awaited their arrival and that pounced on the truck.

Beyond those seconds of tension, the place experienced a “court” atmosphere, with songs of thanks and a lot of emotion for the departure of the most important legend of Argentine sports.

In addition, the traditional war chant of identification with Diego could be heard: “He who does not jump, is an Englishman!”

Before 1 in the morning, a new operation was set up that left La Paternal for the Casa Rosada with Diego’s remains.

Maradona, 60, died Wednesday at noon due to a heart decompensation that he suffered in a house in the San Andrés neighborhood.

In that place, the star remained with medical assistance since last Wednesday the 11th, after undergoing an operation for a subdural hematoma on his head at the Olivos Clinic.

According to judicial sources, the autopsy determined that the cause of his death was “acute lung edema secondary to exacerbated chronic heart failure.”



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