A critical journalist in Nicaragua fined for the crime of slander

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A Nicaraguan judge decided to fine the journalist critical of the Government, Kalua Salazar, after finding her guilty of the crime of slander in a trial promoted by three workers of a mayor’s office governed by the Sandinistas, a party led by President Daniel Ortega.

The head of the Criminal Court of Bluefields (South Caribbean Coast), Deyanira Traña, ordered Salazar to pay 120 business days, equivalent to 7,684.58 cordobas ($ 222.16) for his coverage of a complaint of an alleged crime.case of corruption in the Mayor’s Office of El Rama (southeast), governed by the Sandinistas, reported the La Costeñísima station, where the journalist is the press officer.

Solidarity with the journalist

Salazar’s defense indicated that it will appeal the sentence, since the journalist does not accept being guilty of slander, because he said that in his coverage he made no statements, but limited himself to interviewing the complainants who were not accused.

The sanction on the 26-year-old journalist was rejected by various organizations dedicated to the freedom of the press.

The world writers association PEN International, emphatically rejects the sentence imposed against Kalua Salazar for the alleged crime of slander to the detriment of government officials, “the agency published on its social networks.

“We at CPJ reject the court decision of a criminal court in Bluefields condemning the journalist, “said the Committee for the Protection of Journalists.

Persecution and censorship

The International Institute on Race, Equality and Human Rights also spoke out. “We repudiate the sentence imposed against the journalist Kalua Salazar, from radio La Costeñísima. All of our solidarity with her and with all journalists facing persecution and censorship, “he subscribed.

“We condemn attempts to criminalization of journalism In Nicaragua. Our solidarity with Kalua, “said the Nicaraguan NGO Fundación Violeta Barrios de Chamorro. For its part, La Costeñísima reported that” everyone’s radio will continue to inform our people, not the muzzle! “

Threats from the Government

Salazar is not the first La Costeñísima journalist to have problems with Sandinismo. The founder and director of the radio station, Sergio León, was besieged and received threats from the Police, Sandinista militants and national authorities before dying with symptoms of COVID-19, last June, at age 52.

At the time of his death, León was summoned by the state Directorate for Alternate Conflict Resolution (DIRAC) to respond to a request for alleged slander, the same crime for which Salazar was convicted. The Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation has warned about a “repressive wave” in legal proceedings against independent journalists.



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