A conflict that seems to have no solution: Agustín Almendra reappeared, but very far from Boca

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The youth who may be sanctioned by the Football Council for his absences in practices, was shown shopping in a jewelry store.

In case of Agustin Almendra and Boca surely has gone much further than several thought. Because the midfielder who emerged in the club’s quarry stopped going to training and caused not only the astonishment of the leadership and the Football Council, but also activated the alarms and opened the doors to receive a sanction for not showing up for practices .

However, now Almendra reappeared on the scene. Although it was not in the Ezeiza Training Center or in any area that has to do with Boca nor with football.

The kid was seen active in social networks: a jewelry store thanked Almendra for a purchase. With chinstrap and thumb up, the steering wheel posed for the photo.

The future of Almendra today is very far from Boca, since the differences seem irreconcilable. But his departure will not be easy at all.

Days ago an offer came from Estudiantes, who were interested in the boy who played Juveniles. But the leadership headed by Jorge Amor Ameal would have asked for a figure close to 300,000 dollars for a loan and from La Plata they left scared

“We encourage him to come to work, his job is to train. Boca wants Almendra to play, not not to play. Faced with the refusal, we have to intimate him to take care of the heritage,” were the words of Ameal, who followed the line of the Soccer Council at the time of declaring.

Ameal, who turned 72 this Monday, is not wrong in his speech, since Almendra belongs to Boca and if he does not play he becomes devalued and if that happens the club loses money. Especially considering that at the time they valued it at $ 30,000,000 and there were several important clubs in Europe that wanted to put a figure close to that to take it away.

However, and despite the fact that with Gustavo Alfaro he had a lot of participation, at the end of last year everything was cut off. In January Almendra would have told Riquelme that he wanted to leave the club, that these were times of change, but the pandemic stopped everything except his desire for matches. Therefore, after being infected with coronavirus, he returned with his initial idea and directly stopped going to train.

In addition to the problems at the club, Almendra, who was dad this year, he also had personal problems with his wife (in 2018 she was arrested, accused of leading a gang that sold abortion pills) and with another part of your family.

Because Boca’s intention is that everything is resolved in the best wayBoth for the club and the player, who for the moment, of course, still does not go to training. To be continue…


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