In Kazakhstan, the Jokers met Barys Nur-Sultan, who was painted by a Finnish goalkeeper Joni Ortio was eventually disappointed. The Jokers won 5-4 in overtime after already a 0-4 loss.

The match was completely divisive: Barys already led 4-0 in the final round, but the Jokers pushed to the levels and grabbed the win in extra time.

The three-match tour brought the Jokers two wins and one defeat.

Two batches with zeros

After a goal-free opening round, Barys opened his goal in 24.41 when Jegor Petuhov hit the goalkeeper Janis Kalninsin to the destination of the reed net.

At the end of the second batch Arkadi Shestakov rushed the fastest from the end to the pop-up loose disc and hit a score of 2-0 from a small angle.

Two rounds of zero-rated Joker head coach Lauri Marjamäki mixed all his chains in the final batch. The result was initially a landing.

Right at the beginning of the batch Jakob Lilja surprised the misplaced Kalnins from a rather small angle by immersing the wrist shot in the back corner in time 41.10. Two minutes later Linus Videll the score from the corner of the goal reads 4-0.

Then the incredible joke of the Jokers began.

Regin hit twice

Peter Regin broke KHL’s Ortion, who was chosen as the best goalkeeper last week, in the 45.42 draw. Regin suti Brian O’Neillin shot backward past Ortion.

In time 52.02 defender Tommi Kivistö scored 4–2, and Regin brought the Jokers to the end of the evening with his second hit one and a half minutes later.

The actual playing time was only a minute and 10 seconds left by the defender Mikko Lehtonen fired a 4-4 handicap on the wrist. In this situation, Jokerit played without a goalkeeper and Ortio had lost his bat.

The Joker’s victory was decided by the defender in extra time David Sklenicka, who scored a 5-4 winning goal from O’Neill’s pass. O’Neill scored four of the Jokers’ goals.

The Jokers have 10 wins and five losses out of 15 matches. One of the losses came in the cabinet when the team did not travel to Belarus for the opening match of the season as a guest of Dinamo Minsk.

The Jokers will meet Avtomobilist Ekaterinburg in Helsinki next Monday and HK Vitjaz on Wednesday.