A committee of the Trump administration itself says the elections were “the safest in history” on a technical level

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Last week’s presidential elections in the US were “the safest in history “from a technical point of view, According to a committee belonging to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), of the US Government, said Thursday.

“There is no evidence that any voting system has removed or lost votes, changed votes or been affected in any way,” said in a statement the Executive Committee of the Council for Government Coordination of Electoral Infrastructure (CCG), in charge of the security of electoral systems in the country.

The agency indicated, however, that electoral officials “are reviewing and rechecking the entire process election before finalizing the result “.

“All states with adjusted results in the 2020 presidential election have paper records of each vote, which allows the possibility of going back and counting each ballot if necessary,” the committee noted, detailing that this process “allows the identification and correction of any errors or mistakes “.

Since last Saturday, when the projections of the counts gave Democrat Joe Biden as the winner of the elections, the president, Donald Trump, has refused to admit defeat and it has denounced electoral fraud without evidence, at the same time that it has undertaken a legal strategy based on a series of complaints that have not been successful so far.

“Unsubstantiated claims”

The committee, made up of, among others, the Security and Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Agency (CISA), the Electoral Assistance Commission of the United States and the National Association of State Secretaries -the highest electoral officials in the states-, ruled out any irregularity in the technical field.

The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, in the appearance of this Tuesday.

“While we know that there are many unsubstantiated claims and opportunities for misinformation about our election process, we can assure you that we have the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of our choices and you should have it too, “said the note.

To overturn Biden’s leadership, which already has 290 delegates, Trump would have to prove fraud in court and flip results into not just one, but multiple key states, something extremely unlikely.

The authorities of the state of Georgia, where the media has yet to proclaim a winner, but Biden has a lead of just 14,000 votes, they announced Wednesday that they will hold a hand count of the more than 5 million votes cast in the territory.

In addition to legal action, Trump has also decided to use his power in the federal government to lock the transition, ten weeks before the planned changeover that will take place on January 20.



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