The Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace in Interlagos is the stage where, for years, the Brazilian GP of Formula 1, but it also hosts many other competitions. One of them is the Mercedes Cup, a one-make competition in which all participants drive a Mercedes AMG GT, although in the last race held there they were interrupted by an unprecedented event: a street car had gotten into the middle of the circuit.

The scene is as grotesque as its explanation. The commissioners of the test had to order the immediate departure of the safety car to regroup the platoon when they realized that a woman with a street Mini he was rolling around the circuit, hazard lights included.

The pilots immediately realized what had happened and moved away, until the woman was helped by the circuit commissioners to leave and return to the street.

As explained to Twitter The unexpected guest to the Mercedes Cup, next to the Interlagos circuit, made a mistake when taking an exit from a roundabout and, without really knowing how, ended up entering the competition track.

Other sources, however, suggest that the woman is not so innocent, but was competing in a Street race with other drivers and, when trying to stop, ended up entering the enclosure.