In the state of Texas in the United States, residents of eight cities were urged to avoid using tap water late Friday local time.

The reason was an amoeba found in the water that eats the brain, he says CNN.

According to the CDC, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control Naegleria fowleri -ameba is commonly found in soils, lakes, rivers and hot springs. It can also be found in unmanaged swimming pools, for example.

The warning is not in vain, for Naegleria fowleri penetrates the human nervous system and causes brain damage. The victim almost always encounters certain death, and the danger to the organism is often not noticed before the autopsy.

However, the Danger Pass notification was issued later Saturday in seven of the eight cities.

In July, Florida health officials warned the appearance of an amoeba species in state waters. At least one person was infected at the time.

However, infections are very rare. Since 1962, a total of 37 have been reported in Florida Naegleria fowleri case. Of the 143 infections diagnosed in the United States, only four have survived.

According to Florida recommendations, it is not advisable to swim in particularly warm freshwater pools such as near nuclear power plants in July and August. Swimmers can also protect themselves with a separate nose clip.