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A two-year-old boy has died in Ukraine from injuries caused by a brutal attack by two dogs that ripped off his genitals.

The incident occurred in mid-September in the small town of Selydove, eastern Ukraine, when a family celebrated the second birthday of the little boy, named Yegor.

According to investigations, Ygor was in the courtyard – which had been left open – of the house, when two German shepherds broke in and pounced on the little boy, who was later found by his parents “unconscious in a pool of blood”, according to Aleksandra Timoshchenkova, a woman who helped relatives in the campaign to collect money for the child’s treatment.

After days fighting for his life in the hospital, the boy has died from the terrible state in which he was left after the attack, in which the dogs tore off his genitals, anus and tore the femoral artery in his left leg, they report local media.

Doctors spent days trying to save the little boy, who required complicated treatments and remained in critical condition, with assisted respiration and even being connected to an artificial kidney. Despite the fact that in recent days the doctors claimed to notice a slight improvement in the child, Yegor died this week at the Dnipro Children’s Hospital.

Local media have also indicated that Ukrainian police have started a criminal case against the parents, who face up to three years in prison for breach of their duties.



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