In Russia, a guidebook from the Cold War has apparently appeared on the Internet, advising Soviet spies to integrate into Finnish society. The booklet provides detailed instructions on, among other things, clothing, eating habits and the coffee label.

Pictures from the pages of the booklet have been published RadioFreeEurope, and with it they were first published on the Internet in the spring of 2020. The source of the images is not entirely clear, but the historian and expert on Soviet archives Eduard Andryushchenko believes they are genuine.

According to him, the booklet was probably produced in either the 1950s or 1960s. According to RadioFreeEurope, it has apparently been leaked to someone with access to Soviet archives but no permission to publish it.

Iltalehti has not been able to confirm the authenticity of the booklet.

Such instructions are given in the booklet

– Using a napkin: place it on your knees, not on the collar. You can use it to wipe your hands and lips.

According to the booklet, the fork should be used with the spikes curved downwards. The knife must not help when eating.

Bread should be taken by hand. It is important to remember to return the butter knife back in place.

At the coffee table, the sugar should be taken with a spoon, but it should not be mixed with a spoon into the coffee cup. A spoon of sugar is in a sugar can.

– Do not touch the coffee pot, it is the waiter’s job. They will pour more for you.

When dressing, it must be remembered that the knot of the tie should be small.

– Reading a book: do not hike, but keep a low-key position.

The sweater should not be inserted into the pants.

Instead, the backpack can be used in conjunction with a suit, at least in the market.

– Even when dressed in a good suit, they carry a backpack.