Akshay Kumar confessed that he drinks cow urine every day to which many Indians attribute therapeutic virtues, including against coronavirus, writes Le Figaro.

The actor is considered a supporter of the party of the nationalist prime minister Narendra Modi. He spends millions of dollars researching products that use the urine or dung of this animal, considered sacred by Indians, to fight diabetes or cancer or to make toothpaste. No comprehensive scientific study has validated these alleged healing properties.

Akshay Kumar, 53, spoke on social media in an online discussion promoting a TV show with British adventurer Bear Grylls.

In the show, the two drink tea from elephant droppings in an Indian tiger reserve. “I was not worried,” Kumar told actress Huma Qureshi during the conversation. “I drink cow’s urine every day for therapeutic reasons, so that was fine.”

Many Indians drink cow’s urine for their supposed health benefits. Members of Modi’s party even claimed that urine and cow dung would be good against coronavirus.

The nationalist All India Hindu Mahasabha organized a celebration in New Delhi in mid-March to promote the Covid-19 drink.

India has 4.6 million cases of coronavirus and 76,000 deaths from the disease.