Transfermarkt, which serves market values ​​for players, said this on Thursday: the total value of CFR Cluj’s team is 24 million, KuPS’s four million.

In other words: Cluj is six times more valuable than KuPS.

– That difference wasn’t visible, Urho Nissilä inch by phone to Iltalehti.

– Well we fought, but we weren’t good enough.

The difference was reflected in efficiency. Cluj’s attacking game was dangerous, KuPS unnecessarily apparent.

– Some places were created, but they should have been better and more careful, Nissilä estimates.

– It didn’t work today.

Through the top bar

Cluj immediately put KuPS on the defensive and hit a valuable opening hit as early as five minutes. Mario rondon nikkasi Ciprian Deacin served by a bridle net.

Cluj hit a second time at the end of the opening period. Alexandru Paun centered, and Gabriel Debeljuh putted close to a big 2-0 hit.

Early in the second half, Rondon moved Deac’s free serving to the back corner.

The match was in the package.

KuPS beautified at 90 minutes. Aniekpeno Udoh struck spectacularly through the top bar 3-1 final scores.

“Really wet”

The stadium Dr. Constantin Radulescun had a nice opportunity to score. The ball could take fiery sliding bounces or clot in the pond.

– The field was really wet. There were water ponds there, Nissilä said.

– However, no loss can be blamed. It wasn’t enough today.

Fight the stakes

The stakes were tough: a place in the group stage of the Europa League.

– Of course we are really disappointed that we couldn’t win, Nissilä snorted.

– It was a difficult game. The opponent was better.

The place in the block phase will bring Cluj about three million euros.

Millions did not spin in Nissilä’s mind on the trip to Romania – although KuPS folded the trip handsomely on a charter.

– I couldn’t think of that. I focused on the game as usual, he noted.

– Now let’s focus on (Veikkaus) league and try to win the championship.