Japanese adult film company has opened a five-story adult-only theme park in the heart of Tokyo’s red light district, Kabukicho, says a British Daily Star.

The new attraction of the area is The Sunin designed by Japanese film company Soft on Demand.

Visitors are taken care of by professional Pornstars. Each floor of the theme park has a variety of activities for guests aged 18 or over.

On the first floor, visitors are served by new and upcoming Pornstars. The second floor, on the other hand, allows guests to talk and spend time with already better-known adult entertainment stars.

The third floor is described as a “dream space” where you can make friends with famous porn movie actors, while guests on the fourth floor can only watch movie actors dressed in bikinis making drinks.

According to the Daily Star, the entrance fee is 500 yen, or about four euros.

Several measures have been put in place in the park to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. There are protective partitions throughout the building and visitors must check that they do not have a fever.

Guests must also wear face masks at the theme park.