The Ordizia Classic left the triumph of the british Simon Carr (Delko Marseille), but was marked by the Japanese duel between Hideto Nakane Y Nariyuki Masuda for the last Olympic ticket for the Tokyo Games that will be played in the summer of 2021, an appointment that they will dispute at home and before an audience for whom cycling is a minor sport.

For this reason, the Gipuzkoan race found unexpected protagonists in two Japanese teams, the Nippo Delko One Provence Nakane and the Utsunomiya Blitzen of Masuda. These runners and their teams moved to the Basque Country in search of the second and last ticket for the JJ OO who will compete in front of their audience, since the first one is insured Yukiya Arashiro, World Tour cyclist Bahrain McLaren.

Both Delko and Utsunomiya Blitzen made the decision because all Japanese races with UCI points at stake were suspended after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The Utsunomiya had to seek an economic injection, but managed to gather the funds to travel to Europe and give their leader a chance to fight for the Olympic ticket. Yes, Intentions arrived in Ordizia with 282 UCI points and 7.2 more than Masuda (274,8).

With the postponement of the test, which normally takes place in July, also the usual weather conditions changed, with cold and rain accompanying the runners throughout the day.

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    David Sánchez de Castro

In any case, Nakane was unable to complete the race and Masuda entered 20th place and his team got 9 points, so beat Nakane by just 1.8 points.

Por tanto, Nariyuki Masuda, made his dream come true at 36 years old, after traveling more than 10,000 kilometers from Japan to Ordizia.