Kelly Smith was 31 years old and had been battling colon cancer for three years when the coronavirus pandemic struck and forced her to temporarily stop her treatment. The need to care for COVID-19 patients caused them to delay their chemotherapy sessions. However, this English beautician will never return to them, as passed away on June 13.

The relatives of this young woman, who is leaving a six-year-old son, are now fighting for signatures to urge the Government to finish cancer treatments that have been delayed due to the pandemic. So far, they have achieved 316,000 and have even met with the British Secretary of Health, who has conveyed his condolences.

“The loss of Kelly has been devastating to our family. And so many people have suffered the same as us with the death of their loved ones. We will never recover from his departure, “said the stepfather of the deceased, Craig Russell, according to the Daily Mail.

Therefore, faced with this pain, Kelly’s family wants to prevent other people from going through the same thing. “Cancer is a much larger threat than COVID will become. Every day 500 people die from cancer and those numbers are starting to grow because there are no treatments. Unfortunately, it is too late for Kelly, but there is still time to save othersRussell has stated.

In Spain, there are also similar cases, such as that of Sonia Sainz-Maza, who died of colon cancer without a single medical appointment in person, after more than three months of telephone service. Despite the attempts of this Burgos woman from Espinosa de los Monteros to be explored by a doctor, the pandemic caused her not to receive that consultation at the health center and that, when she had the diagnosis, it was already too late.

Another case was that of Lidia González, a 22-year-old dental hygienist who passed away last July from a brain tumor while waiting for the results of some tests that never came. She was not diagnosed or received any type of treatment.