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The Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office (southern Germany) has opened a case against a 26-year-old American, waitress in a US military hotel, for massive contagion and for having gone from bar to bar despite having symptoms of coronavirus and be in quarantine.

The woman is accused of physical injuries due to negligence, informed sources of that Office of the Prosecutor, after several Munich media and the rest of the country echoed the case, which occurred in the city of Garmisch Partenkirchen.

It is assumed that the investigated could infect at least 22 guests or employees of the hotel where he worked, while analyzing other people with whom he was in contact in the successive bars he visited.

“A strong financial sanction”

The hotel where he works is from exclusive use for soldiers stationed at a nearby US base and has been closed for two weeks.

The head of the Bavarian regional government, Markus Söder, has predicted that the woman awaits “a strong financial penalty“, for having behaved in a negligent manner and having infected other people.

“I never tire of warning about the behaviorfoolish and negligent of some, who endanger the sensible, “said Söder in statements to the popular newspaper image.

He left drinks in quarantine

Apparently, the woman returned from a vacation in Greece at the end of august. On September 8, a test was carried out when presenting symptoms of coronavirus. It should have remained in quarantine awaiting results – which tested positive – but instead He went out for drinks in successive bars and pubs in the city.

According to the Munich newspaper Mercury, at least 22 hotel guests – all of them Americans – have tested positive. It is also the case that the establishment was carrying out some seminars on virus prevention among the armed forces of the United States.

Bavaria It is the second Land with the most infections with Covivd-19 in Germany, after North Rhine-Westphalia. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 61,974 infections of the total number of 260,355 confirmed in the whole country.

In Germany there are currently parked 52,000 US troops –between military and civilian personnel, most of them in the bases of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate.

The recent decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw to 11,900 soldiers from German territory fell like a bomb in those regions, due to the economic and social consequences that will ensue.



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