A 19-month-old baby dies after his mother burns his body with boiling water

Katie Crowder, a mother who uses cocaine, burned her 19-month-old daughter with boiling water until I let her die. The little girl was at least an hour without receiving help from her mother and died shortly after being taken to the hospital on March 6 due to deep burns that she suffered in 65% of her body, according to the publication Daily Mail, who is following the trial against Crowder.

Crowder, 26, is accused of murdering the girl by exposing her to hot water at her home in Mansfield and subsequently failing to help her before taking her to her parents’ home on the same street.

“You can be sure that Gracie Crowder was killed by a deliberate and illegal act of her mother,” Prosecutor Sally Howe has assured, who asked the defendant what had happened and she replied: “I don’t know, I found her like this.”

Crowder told police that he did not leave the girl alone for a while because she had been “cleaning up a dog mess” and then found her daughter Gracie face down in the bathroom next to a mop bucket.

Howes also told the jury that they had found a lot of cocaine in Crowder’s blood four hours after the incident, so it was clear that the defendant had taken drugs prior to Gracie’s death.

At trial it was also claimed that the defendant had made comments about her daughter in the past, saying: “I need to take her to daycare, I never have a break.



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