The huge ice sheet of the Attic is disintegrating. The last test is the breaking of a large 113-square-kilometer icy block that has broken off north Greenland. Scientists had been monitoring its progressive fracture for years, checking the effects of climate change.

This is also the largest floating ice shelf in the Arctic, known as 79N or Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden. It occupies about 80 km long by 20 km wide. With this detachment, it has completely cracked.

For Laura Meller, from Greenpeace, “it is another evidence of a climate emergency.” The icy layer at the poles has been reduced by 31% in the last 40 years. Scientists report that at many points the ice has lost up to two-thirds of its mass. Warming in the region is accelerating, and as a consequence, that of the rest of the planet.