9 cleaning tips to keep your home even cleaner

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There is nothing like having a clean and tidy home. However, some of your cleaning techniques may be moving the dust from one location to another rather than creating a germ-free space. But there are some cleaning tips that could be of use to you.

Did you know that a house has an average of more than 7 thousand different bacteria? So it’s no wonder how often people get sick. You may be concerned about contracting a disease or becoming infected with a virus from outside. But the reality is that this can happen in your own home.

So what are the most effective ways to clean your house and kill germs? Read on to discover the top 10 cleaning tips to keep your home clean.

1. Stop using feather dusters

One of the cleaning tools to definitely avoid is the duster. This invention was famous in the 1970s for quickly removing dust. The only problem with this device is that what it actually does is spread the powder everywhere. Sure, some amount of dust gets trapped between the feathers, but most of it just gets transferred into the atmosphere.

And spreading the dust in the air really won’t do your family very good. However, if you want to trap dirt and remove it from your home, you will need a damp cloth. Use a damp cloth will trap dirt on the fabric and not spread it.

You won’t be cleaning properly if you use the old-fashioned duster, and your house will still be dirty. If someone in your family suffers from asthma or allergies, they will need you to get rid of as much dirt as possible.

2. Dirty vacuum filters

In the age where people can use a vacuum cleaner without a bag, why do people still use the ones with bags? The vacuum cleaner bags collect all the dirt they pick up from the floor and store it. But surely you had to turn on your vacuum cleaner and blow dust everywhere …

Another problem with vacuum cleaners is dirty filters. Many people don’t even check their filters, so they can’t clean effectively as they are clogged. A dirty vacuum filter will not prevent it from working, but it won’t work as efficiently when it comes to cleaning your home.

3. Toilet brushes

Is there anything more unpleasant than reusing a toilet brush over and over again? Just lay aside and collect water, and particles of fecal matter and urine with every use your family can aspire to. These brushes are a magnet for harmful bacteria and diseases.

Fortunately, there are new single-use brushes in stores with which you will not have to keep more than the stick. You clean your toilet, release a lever, and the brush will fall into the trash.

4. Clean your kitchen sink well

You may not have considered that your kitchen sink can be a very dirty place. But the truth is that it is a space that would do well with a good cleaning with bleach. Many people leave dirty dishes to rest for days… And what about people who bathe their children and animals in the sink? All of these things can cause a buildup of germs in a common area.

The sink is a place to keep germ free because you will eat with the dishes that have been washed there. Make sure to clean it with bleach or scrub it with detergent after each use. Soap and bleach will kill germs on the surface and keep your home cleaner.

5. Stop using the same cloth to clean

We talked about the cloth you use to dry the dishes, wipe the table, clean your child’s dirty hands, and clean the stove. But it would be best if you only use it for one purpose. You can’t use the same cloth for everything and hope that germs won’t spread in your home.

The most useful thing is to have a specific cloth that you can use for each surface, and that it should be washed when you’re done. Never let a dish towel dry in the sink and then use it again the next day. If you want to kill germs in your home, stop using the same cloth for multiple purposes.

6. The washing machine can also load dirt

Hardly anyone imagines that their washing machine can be full of dirt. In the end, he spends all day mixing soap, detergent, and fabric softener. However, if your clothes come out smelling not so fresh, then this appliance and your bacteria levels could be to blame.

When the front-loading washing machine came to the fore, everything changed. Things got complicated with these rubber seals to keep water in while spinning. Unlike the top-loading one, with which you can easily open the lid to keep it cool, it’s a bit more challenging with the newer models.

The humid and enclosed environment make it the perfect space for bacteria. Many people complain that their washing machine stinks and that their clothes smell bad. The best in this case is cleaning your washing machine with a combination of bleach and baking soda. If you don’t do this cleaning routinely, the seals on your washing machine will fill with mold and bacteria that will settle on your clothes.

7. Take remote controls into account

One household item that most people forget to clean is the remote control. Just consider all the times the remote is touched on a daily basis. Now, take into account how many times people sneeze, wipe their nose, cough, and then grab the remote control … Simply put, it’s dirty.

It collects germs from almost everyone in the house and also collects germs from the surface. That is why you should clean this device at least once a week with an antibacterial wipe. Just remember to remove the battery before doing this routine cleaning.

8. The shower curtain

The shower is the place to go to get clean. All the dirt and grime that your body accumulates during the day goes down the drain. Of course, it’s a good idea to clean your shower and tub regularly to keep germs away.

However, when was the last time you washed the shower curtain? The curtain has contact with your body both before and after entering. Also, your body is not the only one that touches it.

Most likely, there is a lot of dirt and fungus accumulated on this curtain, so it needs to be washed frequently.

9. Light switches, knobs and handles

Light switches, door knobs, and handles are often overlooked as no one thinks of cleaning them unless the presence of dirt is evident.

However, dozens of times, people in your house touch these objects and bring external germs inside your home. Think of all the times your kids go to the bathroom and forget to wash their hands, or the many times they cough or sneeze.

When doing your routine household cleaning, you should remember to include light switches, doorknobs, and handles on your list. Your family could easily transmit the flu or other viruses through such objects, and you may not realize it.


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