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What is really important with the right natural curls care? GALA reveals the best tips and tricks for more shine, suppleness and definition.

Natural curls care: What makes beautiful curls

With the right natural curls care you will get a little closer to your dream mane. But what actually makes beautiful curls? You can recognize healthy curls by the following features:

  • Little frizz: Curls look particularly well-groomed when little protruding hairs are visible. Frizz makes the hair look dull and stubborn.
  • Bundled curls: Instead of drifting in different directions in individual strands, healthy curls stay beautifully and uniformly bundled.
  • Curl bounce: If the curls are stiff and dry, they lose their definition. Healthy curls retain their structure throughout the day and always spring back into their natural shape. This requires a high elasticity of the hair fiber.

All curly hair wearers wish Curls without frizz, the supple and defined stay. What can you do to get the most out of your natural curls? Try the following eight tips for your hair. You should see your hair quality improving within a week.

Tip 1: Put on conditioner

Some swear by it, others consider it superfluous: the Conditioner splits beauty fans into two camps. As a curly hair wearer, you should definitely not do without this care product.

A conditioner remains just a short time in the hair and therefore does not have the same nourishing effect as a hair mask. But it is still wonderfully suitable for small ones to smooth protruding hairs and to keep the hair fiber elastic.

As a result, the curls feel nice and soft after shampooing and are easy to style. It’s best to grab one silicone-free variantthat does not contain chemical film formers. These dry out the hair in the long term due to their sealing effect.

This also applies to shampoos: a silicone-free shampoo works best in combination with a silicone-free conditioner.

Tip 2: style the hair while it is wet

You know the problem: curls can be really nice unruly be. Styling your hair can be a tedious challenge. But there is one trick you can use to save time and spare your nerves: style your curls in the wet condition.

Cream gel, cream wax and Co. are therefore not applied to dry curls, but can be added to damp hair. So diminish Frizz and give the hair more definition. In addition, the moisture is stored in the hair longer in this way.

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Tip 3: brush your hair at the right time

Natural curls are compared to straight hair drier. This is because the cuticle of the hair is naturally a little rougher and Hold moisture worse can. This makes curls look nice and voluminous, but are also much more prone to Hair breakage, split ends and frizz.

This important rule can keep your curls from breaking off: Brush your hair never when wet by. The hair fiber swells when it is wet, making it very sensitive. Plus, your locks will lose shape if brushed smooth when wet.

It is better to carefully detangle individual strands with your fingers and let the hair dry 80 percent before reaching for the brush.

Tip 4: use a diffuser

Turn on the hair dryer and just blow on? Caution, now threatens Risk of frizz! Better plug one Diffuser attachment on the blow dryer to define the structure of your curls and to protect your hair.

A diffuser is included with most hairdryer models. It is a round plastic plate with small elongated knobs built into it. To dry the curls, simply place individual strands in the diffuser and turn on the hairdryer.

Since the air comes from below, the Curl shape fixed particularly well. As a result, the curls fall nicely and do not hang out so quickly during the day.

By the way: when you blow-dry your natural curls are made by high temperatures stressed. Let the hair air dry whenever you can find the time. This is gentle on the hair structure and is particularly recommended for broken tips.

Tip 5: use the right curl conditioner

a velvety and shiny natural curls After shampooing, you should get something Oil in lengths and distribute tips. A good curl care product helps keep hair from drying out and moisturizing it all day.

As with shampoo and conditioner, leave-in curling care products should not contain any chemical film-forming agents. A hair oil without silicone is the best choice for stubborn curls and cares for the hair through the contained Fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Important: Knead the oil in Upward movements in the lengths to give the curls more definition.

Here you can also find out which hair oil is best for you.

Tip 6: sleep on the right pillowcase

During the day the curls are still nicely defined. After going to bed you will notice In the morning an enormous stubborn manethat can hardly be tamed. Do you know this phenomenon? For many curly hair wearers, this scenario is part of the agenda.

Good news: you don’t have to put up with it. There is a trick with which you never have to worry about sticking out, tangled hair again in the morning: Put on a silk pillow!

In contrast to cotton, silk is very fine and soft. This will keep the hair on a silk pillow when you sleep smoothed. A cotton or linen pillow has exactly the opposite effect: the hair becomes rough and loses moisture.

Long curls you should also tie them loosely before going to bed. Rolling back and forth at night can be dangerous for open hair: the hair breaks off.

Tip 7: wash your hair less often

Washing, blow-drying, styling: the typical one Haarwäsche-Routine is always a little strain for your curls. That is why it is generally recommended to keep the curls to wash less often. This protects the hair structure and you have to worry less about straw lengths and protruding hair.

Even if it is difficult at first: Try to delay washing your hair. Getting your hair greased out takes some time and patience at the beginning. But it’s worth it: over time, the approach becomes a lot grease more slowly.

To prevent greasy hair, you can also use one Dry shampoo put. This saves time and protects the length of the hair. Simply spray some dry shampoo on the roots when it no longer looks fresh – a few minutes later the mane looks like it has just been washed!

Click here for our large dry shampoo test.

Tip 8: choose the right towel

The wrong towel can quickly burst your dream of beautiful, shiny natural curls. Just like with the pillow, you should also with the towels the right type of fabric put. It is better not to leave coarse cottons on your delicate curls.

Are better Microfiber towels or Microfiber hair turbans, which dry the hair gently without roughening the cuticle. This is how you effectively prevent protruding hairs.


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