7th snowiest season approaching with 30s return Sunday and 40s on Tuesday.

The high temperature on Saturday afternoon at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was a chilly 27 degrees, which is far below the average Twin Cities March 18 high temp of 43 degrees. The west of Minnesota had Saturday afternoon highs in the teens and mainly 20s elsewhere in Minnesota and western Wisconsin, making it feel more like January than March.

Late on Saturday night and early Sunday morning, low temperatures will be in the single digits across most of Minnesota and western Wisconsin, with some sub-zero lows expected in parts of northwestern and west-central Minnesota.

A cold air mass has settled over a large portion of the U.S., resulting in freeze warnings posted from north Texas to portions of the Carolinas for Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Sunday’s forecast predicts that highs will be mostly around the mid-30s throughout most areas in Minnesota and western Wisconsin, although there may still be some spots where temperatures remain stuck in their 20s. Monday looks slightly milder with highs ranging from the lower 20s to upper 40s across different regions.

Despite being dry on Sunday across most parts of Minnesota and western Wisconsin, we may see rain mixed with snow late Tuesday or Wednesday as well.

As for road conditions: you can find updated information about them here for both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

In conclusion, this winter season has been nothing short but snowy; however, only two-tenths-of-an-inch additional snowfall could put this Twin Cities’ snow season at seventh place amongst its weather records. Tune into MPR News to catch live weather updates every day!

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