7 months pregnant, Nathalia Dill poses in a bikini and actresses tietam: ‘Linda’

The European Parliament rejects self-determination within the EU

The European Parliament today established by a large majority, during its plenary session held in Brussels, that self-determination has no place within the European...

Before leaving, Trump grants presidential pardon to his former National Security adviser, Michael Flynn

He was jailed for lying to the FBI in the Russiagate case about Moscow's interference in the 2016 elections.President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that...

The Supreme Court confirms the reviewable permanent prison of “El Chicle” for the murder of Diana Quer

The Supreme Court has confirmed this Thursday the permanent prison sentence that can be reviewed José Enrique Abuín Gey, alias «El Chicle», for the...

Ethiopia starts ‘final phase’ of offensive in rebellious Tigray region

Ethiopia's army has entered the "final phase" of the offensive in the rebellious Tigray region. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared this on...

Disney expands layoffs to 32,000 in 2021 due to coronavirus pandemic

They are positions related to activities in amusement parks. The first plans were to throw out 28 thousand. The Disney group announced that...

Actress wins praise from famous friends

On the web, several celebrities praised the artist at the click. “It’s beautiful!” Exclaimed Alexandra Richter. The actress Rafaela Mandelli stated: “Loves of life”. Lorena Comparato declared herself to be a mother and daughter. “My loves, take care of our baby that I love so much”, joked the actress.

Nathália takes care of the body with yoga: ‘Fundamental’

In a recent interview, the global one counted with which exercise he identified the most in the months he waited for his daughter to come. “Yoga is being fundamental in my Eva’s pregnancy process. And it is the only practice, the only physical activity, that is accompanying us in all this dynamic process that is typical of pregnancy,” he pointed out. Nathália also believes that the practice will help her when the heir is born. “I feel that yoga is also helping me to prepare, to make my body even more active, and to generate new bodily intelligences for childbirth. I was even reading books on childbirth preparation and all the indicated positions to be done, I already do, “he said.

Maternity leave must be extensive

Nathália is in the last trimester of her pregnancy and is already making plans for maternity leave. “I have been working for 15 years. It is time for me to look more at my home, the pregnancy and the family and have a moment of protection. We need to have a little fun. For this, I am prone to disconnect”, he pointed out . According to the actress, the departure from TV may be even greater than the traditional four months. “The baby’s first year is very intense, there is breastfeeding, then the baby steps. It is a pity that on maternity leave many women have to go out to work before that. Thinking now, if I can, I would like to stay this first year with There are so many changes … So many things happen. But I don’t know. I try to keep myself free, I didn’t want to put a rule on me “, pondered the future mom.

(By Marilise Gomes)


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