7 life lessons we can learn from our dogs

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Surely at least once you’ve looked at your dog … and you’ve thought about how nice it would be to have that life that they have. Maybe you’ve even gotten a little envious. In short they have a life of luxury. They just run around, eat, and sleep … no worries. However, our beloved canine companions can also teach us amazing life lessons.

We can learn life lessons with our pets

Dogs are always positive and excited about life. They love unconditionally and they know how to truly live in the moment.

They experience the world in such a different way than we do, some might even say in a better way. But it’s not their relaxed, responsibility-free daily life that makes them this way.

These are characteristics of a dog no matter what his circumstance is. It’s in their nature. As human beings, we tend to change our characteristics due to our circumstances.

Painful moments in the past make us bitter or unable to trust. Repetitive lifestyles make us complain and bored easily. But what if we learn to stay positive, loyal, and happy despite good or bad things happening around us?

What if we learned to be more like a dog? Happy, content, forgiving, loyal and always hungry.

There are many life lessons we can learn from our canine friends, but here are 7 that you can start with:

1. They have a big heart

There is no love like that of a dog. They never judge you or complain about you to the other dogs in the pack. They love you more than you know and will always be loyal to you.

Even if you make a mistake, a dog will always forgive you. They are very big fans of forgiveness, a lesson many of us can learn from them.

You can yell and draw attention to your puppy for peeing on your new carpet, and the next minute they will be jumping on you with excitement giving you kisses on the face from all sides

2. They are good at making new friends and meeting strangers.

Dogs love meeting new people and other puppies too! They don’t care what the other dog looks like, who his friends are, or what kind of house he lives in. They know from the moment they meet you if they will be friends, or if they just don’t like your energy.

How refreshing is that honesty!

When the dogs get to know each other, they sniff each other a bit, play for a while, and then they will either keep playing for the next 2 hours, or they will walk away from each other without hurting their feelings. They also have no problem walking up to a complete stranger, be it human or dog, and just saying hello!

They never think things like, “Will I look bad?” or “I hope I’m not saying something stupid.” They just come over and see what happens. As simple as that.

3. “Dirt” is his middle name

Dogs do not care about their hygiene and are not afraid to stick their paws in the mud. They will never be stopped by having to shower, wash clothes or put on makeup.

They jump headfirst into a puddle and don’t care what anyone else says!

They do not take into account the consequences because those come later. The only important thing is the moment, and at that moment, jumping into that puddle looked extremely fun.

4. Nap time is essential

One of the best life lessons. Dogs know very well the value of taking a good nap. They run in the yard, eat croquettes and finally take a nap. Then they get up, run some more, and nap again.

Unlike humans, dogs understand that in order to have energy for all the things we want to do, we must take the time to relax and gather that energy.

Humans move through our day like zombies, trying to fulfill our daily responsibilities. And when we finally take a moment to ourselves, we use it to have fun and blow off our exhausting day.

However, in order to have the energy to do all of these activities, we have to realize that our bodies need enough rest. Since we are not only drifting aimlessly through our day, but we are living those moments!

5. Food is essential

For a dog, being given food is the best thing that can happen. For them, dinner is when the heavens open and their empty bowls are filled with delicious croquettes.

A dog will eat almost anything you give him, regardless of its price. They don’t care where it comes from or if it is gluten free. It’s just theirs and it’s going to be delicious no matter what.

Imagine what it would be like if we ate every meal with that enthusiasm, gratitude and satisfaction.

6. They never think too much about things

Canines are not embarrassed or baffled by the uncomfortable things that happen to them on a daily basis, such as falling off the couch or colliding head-on into a wall.

A dog just pulls it aside and moves on!

They live in the moment and they don’t care what others think of them. Maybe if we all tried to be a little more like them, we could find the courage to be ourselves and go after the things that scare us the most.

Because even if we fail or someone doesn’t like us, we can put it aside and move on.

7. They never give up

Dogs are very persistent. The reason dogs are so good at learning new tricks is not just because they are extremely intelligent, but also because they will try over and over again until the treats run out.

No matter how old a dog is, you will always see him trying to run and play with other dogs because he doesn’t care how old he is. He doesn’t see it as an obstacle. He wants to play and will do everything possible to do so.

When a dog gets it into his head that there are treats under the closet door, he will scratch that door for hours until he gets what he’s looking for.

If only we could learn to face life with such courage and determination. The possibilities for our success would be endless.


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