The internet is a space for freedom of expression. All users have the possibility to interact, react, comment and chat with other people. Everyone… even the following types of trolls on social media.

And while it is a great advantage that all these communications happen so easily and instantaneously, these platforms can also be the perfect habitat for those lonely creatures who just wait for someone to engage in a meaningless and final discussion: trolls.

There is no social network, internet forum or online chat that is safe from the siege of these users who spend their time engaging in fights and heated battles of badly made memes at the slightest provocation.

There are different types and surely you have come across at least one of them at some point in your cyber ramblings.

El Grammar Nazi

The grammar Nazi ignores humor in online conversations and thinks that Facebook is a university forum for scientific discussion in which it is intolerable to eat a comma, avoid accents or abbreviate a word.

The worst part of Grammar Nazi is that, without realizing it, he himself commits countless spelling errors in his quest to correct people who just want to have a good time online.

The spy

It is about the troll who, feeling cornered in an argument (which he himself most likely started) uses his secret weapon: spying on the profile of his adversary in a desperate attempt to find his weak point.

The typical troll who suddenly adds a photo of the other person to the conversation to try to make fun of something as trivial as clothing, a predilection for a sports team or musical tastes.

The (fake) news agency

This type of troll thinks that their duty is to keep the population of 200 contacts in their networks well informed of all the macabre plans that await us with the New World Order.

Not only is he dedicated to sharing notes from the most laughable sites that one can find on the internet, but he offers us his analysis of how everything is related: Bill Gates, 5G networks, liquid from the knees, Covid-19, López -Gatell, the temperature machines and a long etcetera.

The memist

Did they show you that your information was wrong? Reply with a meme. Did they tell you that your opinion was not required by anyone?

Reply with a meme. Did the stubborn argument you write have wrong data that you didn’t verify with reliable sources? Answer with meme… This is how this type of Troll thinks.

The tireless

This troll doesn’t give up on anything. He constantly insists on continuing the discussion, and even if no one responds to him anymore, he will use whatever means available to continue bothering his disinterested interlocutor.

They will look for you in private messages, in other social networks, they will answer in comments that are not related at all to the topic of the discussion. You can even create new profiles to continue your stubbornness if they get blocked.

Lord / Lady of Cats

The typical man or woman who lives in an imaginary past where everything was better. Many of his phrases begin with “In my times” or also “The youth of now.”

There is no way to make him change his mind and he cares little about valid arguments and reliable sources. This troll learned things a certain way, and there will be nothing to move him from there. His favorite insult is “crystal generation.”

And you: do you belong to any of these categories?

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