There are six days until the US presidential election. Iltalehti gathers the most important themes of the day in the election summary every day before the election.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump campaigned Wednesday in Arizona, where he is only slightly Democrat, according to polls Joe Bidenia behind. Biden’s program included a speech on the fight against the corona in Delaware.

Trump is increasingly displaying his idea that there is no need to worry about a coronary pandemic during the election, he says Politico. This is despite the fact that more than 215,000 people have already died in the United States.

According to the newspaper, Trump’s campaign thinks that those who are not particularly concerned about the coronavirus will not vote for Trump anyway. According to the campaign team, voters are more interested in the economic situation than in Korona.

The election result will be decided in more than ten states, where the situation may turn in favor of both Trump or Biden.

More than 70 million Americans have already cast their ballots, more than half the number of voters in 2016. Black voters have voted record-breakingly actively.

Melania Trump’s first campaign speech

The first woman in the United States Melania Trump gave his first own campaign speech in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Trump accused Democrats of inciting fear of his corona and sent an empathetic message to people who, like himself, have fallen ill with his corona.

Trump also commented on her husband Donald Trump’s use of Twitter.

“I don’t always agree with the way he presents things, but it’s important for him to talk directly to the people he serves,” Trump said.

The purpose of the first woman’s speech was probably to covet the voices of white middle-class women.

Trump’s chances are worse now

Incumbent President Donald Trump’s chances of winning the election are now worse than in 2016, writes Iltalehti’s head of foreign affairs Joonas Lehtonen.

According to polls, Joe Biden leads Trump according to polls in all the populations whose votes Trump won the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton.

Voting turnout has been high in advance votes. Democrats are likely to benefit from this, as polls show that advance votes go primarily to Democrats. Trump will also run in the election in a completely different setup than in 2016. He is no longer an innovator and has received fierce criticism for his treatment of the corona pandemic.

Attempts have been made to improve the accuracy of opinion measurements

In the last election, Donald Trump surprised by winning the election. Based on the polls, it had been interpreted that he would have no chance of winning.

Since 2016, attempts have been made to improve the accuracy of opinion polls by taking better account of, among other things, people’s education. In the last election, Hillary Clinton’s support seemed too high, as opinion polls were answered primarily by highly educated individuals.

The chance of Trump is still considered quite small.

– I’d say it’s the same as throwing a dice. Trump’s chances of winning are the same as if you need one or six in an African star, the probabilities are estimated by the director of research at Economic Research Juho Rahkonen.

Which would be your own candidate, Trump or Biden?

With Iltalehti’s election machine, you can test for yourself whether your candidate in the US presidential election would be Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

The election machine has questions about various social issues, such as the death penalty and the use of masks.

On Wednesday, Biden will lead Trump gallupien 7.1 percentage points. In the six most controversial Libyan states, Biden leads Trump by 3.6 percentage points. However, Trump is in the lead in Florida by 0.4 percentage points.

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