6/28 wake-up call: Poland at the polls • Navy frigate De Ruyter returns

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Good Morning! Today Poland will vote to elect a president. E Handt Dutch marine frigate Zr. In. From Ruyter returns from the Persian Gulf.

This morning, the cloud fields pass and some showers fall. Then it gets dry and there is room for the sun. It is cool to a maximum of 20 degrees.


Are you going on the road today? On here you’ll find an overview of the activities. Check here the time set for the track.

What can you expect today?

  • Poland elects a president today. This was already scheduled for May, but the elections were canceled due to the crisis of the crown. Looks a neck and neck race between acting president Duda and liberal opposition candidate Trzaskowski.
  • After a five-month mission, the naval frigate Zr. In. From Ruyter back from the Persian Gulf. The frigate was active there as part of a European mission since tensions between America and Iran increased.
  • In France, they are catching up to the postponed municipal elections. It is the second round and participation is expected to be low, as many people do not vote because of the corona virus.

What did you miss?

Almost a week after the riots in Malieveld, The Hague, the police arrested another person. A 61-year-old man from The Hague was arrested yesterday afternoon in Brielle. He’s locked up. The riots broke up last Sunday after a demonstration against the crown policy. The police demanded that those present, according to the police, a mixture of protesters and troublemakers, leave Malieveld.

Today, the crown measures should be demonstrated again, but Mayor Remkes of The Hague banned this and the court ratified this decision yesterday. Virus madness leader Engel also called yesterday to stay away. But the police in The Hague remains preparedeven now that the demo has been canceled.

Other news of the night:

And then this:

Today in Studio Sport Archive he is remembered at the 2008 European Championship. Raymond Verheijen was Russia’s assistant coach at the time and talks about the quarterfinals in which the Dutch were defeated.

Orange shone in the group stage, but fell in the quarterfinals against Russia by Guus Hiddink:

Sport Studio Archive: Orange’s triumph and fall in 2008

This video can only be seen in the Netherlands.

The transmission starts at 3 pm and can be viewed via NPO 1, NOS.nl and the NOS application.

Good day!


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