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The hen party is a very special day for a bride-to-be. Is your best friend or sister getting married soon? We have five tips for your planning.

The organization of the hen party is usually the responsibility of the maid of honor. A responsible task – because for most brides this day is something very special and expectations are high.

So a hen party can be quite a challenge. Our tips should make planning a little easier for you.

Tip 1: If possible, plan on your own

As they say? Too many cooks spoil the broth. Therefore, as a maid of honor, you should initially take on the rough organization alone and only then approach the other participants. If necessary, make an appointment in advance with the bridesmaids or family members of the bride. Then start planning: Where and how long does the JGA take place? Which program items should take place? What are the costs for everyone involved?

Once you have clarified these points, prepare a document with the most important facts and a statement of costs. With this document you address all participants of the hen party. You are putting everyone in front of quite a fait accompli, but in this case it can be quite useful. You can still be open to suggestions.

Tip 2: the personal touch

Of course, it’s nice to be pampered for a whole day or even a weekend. But never forget the personal touch. For example, host a brunch or dinner at your place (usually this is also a cheaper option).

If you are traveling, it is a nice possibility to get a book in advance, in which each friend can design a page for the bride. Sayings, photos – everything can find its place there. In the end, the bride has a great memory of her JGA.

Tip 3: the guest list

Even when you organize a hen party, the bride still has sovereignty over the participants. You should therefore clarify with the bride in advance who she would like to have with you on this day and let the bride give you the contacts of the people. So you are on the safe side.

Laura-Müller-Ticker KW12

In a stag party, different groups of friends of a bride often come together, try to keep an overview as a maid of honor and to keep an eye out for everyone to be fine and comfortable. Antipathy or previous disputes have no place on such a day.

Tip 4: special activities

“Just” a wild night of partying has long since ceased to meet today’s demands for an unforgettable bachelorette party. The expectations of many brides are high and not every wallet is full. Fortunately, there are many beautiful and special ways to spend this day. We have summarized three slightly different suggestions for you:

1. DIY-Workshops: Whether creating flower wreaths together (for example at PlantNight), baking true cake dreams together or enjoying a private cocktail session (for example ShakeNight) – a little action and togetherness are definitely a great basis for the right atmosphere.

2. Record a song together (for example at Singpoint): How cool is that? Record a song together with your best friends in the recording studio – regardless of whether the group consists of talented singers or not, absolute fun is guaranteed here and the best memories for the bride too. At the end of the session you can take a CD with the recorded song.

3. Distilling schnapps for the wedding party: At the latest at the wedding, all participants of the JGA will meet again. A perfect opportunity to toast together as a group and to indulge in memories of the bachelorette party. Every drink tastes a little better with a homemade schnapps. Distilleries therefore offer a slightly different kind of JGA. Whether liqueur or gin – there are no limits to the imagination.

Tip 5: Good preparation is essential

On the day of the bachelorette party it shows how well your planning really comes true. After the program items are in place, you have booked everything you need and all participants are adequately informed, it is important to go through everything again before the big day.

Hen party

Especially when it comes to time management, you should always allow some buffer – because in a large group things can sometimes be a little slower. Check the distances between the program items in advance and plan small breaks – the day shouldn’t degenerate into stress.

In general: keep calm and continue to take your role seriously. A slimmed-down plan B – in case something should go wrong or spontaneous changes occur – does no harm and will allow you to start the day much more relaxed. But also one or the other glass should contribute to relaxation.


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