The advancement of technology today is undeniable and has shown, on numerous occasions, that reality can surpass fiction.

However, over the course of evolution, we have come across various bets and proposals that have not achieved the expected success despite the fact that many of the inventions have stood out for being original.

Therefore, in this list, we show yous some of the worst tech failures that has lived the history of humanity in which multiple recognized companies have been participants.

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Apple Newton

He Apple Newton he was a Personal Digital Assistant. The name winked at the physique Isaac Newton to demonstrate how the genius developed the theory of gravity when an apple fell on his head … or at least that’s what the books tell us.

But that was not the company’s only nod to NewtonBut its very bitten apple logo is too.

Apple Newton was exclusively marketed by Apple and it had an operating system called Newton OS. It had handwriting recognition, the successor to this first generation being the iOS interface.

Its development began in the late eighties and, at that time, the company was led by John Sculley, who had taken the role of CEO after the forced abandonment of Steve Jobs.

Because of that, Apple was facing a huge crisis and competition from Microsoft it was more powerful than ever.

The official launch of Apple Newton It was given in 1992 and its starting price was about $ 700, but it was capable of writing texts, managing agendas and notes or using third-party applications.

This may sound very familiar to us, as our phones can do that and more, but at the time, it was super cool. Part of the device’s failure was due to it missing its goals of reinventing personal computers.

The device, curiously, was very popular among doctors, but its defeat was imminent with the appearance of equipment such Palm and with the return of Steve Jobs, who severely criticized the development of said device.

Microsoft Zune

As many of you will remember, Apple launched a device on the market that came to revolutionize the way music was consumed: iPod. There was nothing like being able to have at our fingertips a new player with all our favorite songs.

Obviously, this device took Apple to the top and the success led its competitors to begin to do something similar as it was with the case of Microsoft and its Zune device, which arrived in 2006 and had up to four generations, but each one with a high sales failure rate.

Microsoft could not with the failure and decided to withdraw its mp3 player from the market in 2011.

Power Mac G4 Cube

Not only Microsoft experienced bad luck with some of your products, but instead Apple also with his Power Mac G4 Cube, an intermediate product between the iMac and the Power Mac G4 of the year 2000, offering a compact computer like the iMac and, at the same time, as powerful and expandable as the PowerMac G4 of the time.

Its price of $ 1,699 led to the failure of this product because it also required an external monitor, which further complicated the experience with users.

Although, fortunately for many, its design has allowed it to be exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This means that this product, acquired by very few, became something of a collection and it is not surprising, since the proposal of Apple it was interesting, but it failed to satisfy the needs of most users.

Virtual Boy

If you are gamers red bone, they probably remember or even had the Virtual Boy of Nintendo.

In 1995, Nintendo launched a console called Virtual Boy which used a goggle-style projector to display games in 3D using a stereoscopic effect.

The Japanese company decided to take advantage of people’s interest in virtual reality. Why did it fail? The price was $ 180, a figure that was not very accessible at that time compared to the competition.

In addition, the height of the visor was not adjustable, which caused severe back pain. Not to mention that the game catalog was super limited. It did not even manage to be marketed in Europe.

It was an interesting and revolutionary console for the time, but Nintendo could not find the formula to finish curdling.

Google Wave

As well as Google It has had excellent successes in technological evolution throughout the history of humanity, it has also had other failures that very few of us know about and such is the case of Google Wave.

Google Wave it was a social network that pretended to be like a kind of Twitter. On the platform, current trends were circulating, but many users were forgetting about the service, becoming a mere curiosity to talk with friends.

Wave did not have the adoption that Google he would have liked it and it seems that the developers did not quite understand the context of the service. In addition, this platform needed people to change how they use the Internet and how to interact with the rest of the world.

It was a mixture of several technologies and, therefore, that required great adaptation on the part of its creators, so it was decided not to enter that battle.

Have you ever used this service?

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