5 streaming movies for 44 years of Ryan Reynolds

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The popular Canadian actor is celebrating his birthday today and we celebrate him with five films in streaming;

We celebrate today the birthday and career of Ryan Reynolds, a Hollywood star who did not take his trademark too seriously. A choice which has really begun to bear fruit with the unexpected success (in the proportions) of Deadpool, but which we can somehow see clearly in many of the actor’s previous films as well. That Reynolds is a star ofaction-movie semi-serious is therefore not due exclusively to the cinecomic of the now outdated 20th Century Fox, but it was certainly that production that definitively directed Reynolds’ career. Between the five film in streaming that we have chosen the former on the contrary also highlight the attempt to establish himself as a more “serious” actor, even within genre cinema. Enjoy the reading.

Cinque film in streaming con protagonista Ryan “Deadpool” Reynolds

  • Smokin’ Aces
  • Buried – Sepolto
  • Safe House – Nobody is safe
  • Deadpool
  • Deadpool 2

Smokin’ Aces (2007)

Nelo pulp shooter written and directed by Joe Carnahan Reynold plays an FBI agent tasked with protecting a criminal that everyone but everyone wants to kill, to pocket the reward agreed upon by the boss who wants him dead. Smokin’ Aces possesses explicit echoes of Quentin Tarantino first way for a movie that has a lot of really funny moments, wild action and hilarious dialogue. A rather successful exercise in style, and first action role of a certain depth for Reynolds. Also in the cast Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, Chris Pine, Alicia Keys and many others. Available on Chili, Google Play, Apple Itunes, Amazon Prime Video.

Buried – Sepolto (2010)

Sweltering thriller directed by Rodrigo Cortes in which Ryan Reynolds stars in the role of a man who was buried alive. Entirely set inside the coffin, Buried takes full advantage of the restricted action scene thanks to historical gimmicks that give the film a discreet pace but above all enormous psychological tension. Good performance as an actor for Reynolds, perhaps on balance the best of his career, in an original and well-orchestrated film. To be rediscovered. Available on Chili, Google Play, Apple Itunes, Amazon Prime Video.

Safe House – No One Is Safe (2012)

One of the most successful action-thrillers of the past decade allows Reynolds to duet with a luxury co-star like the two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington. Directed by the Scandinavian Daniel espinosa Safe House – Nobody is safe promises a high quality genre show, fast paced and emotionally effective. Excellent mainstream cinema packaged with care and above all respect for the rules. Exciting. Available on Rakuten TV, Chili, Google Play, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, NOW TV.

Deadpool (2016)

And here comes the most foul-mouthed and iconoclastic of the mutants of Marvel, which Reynold interprets with perfect physical and psychological adherence (how much he must have enjoyed…). Deadpool it promises exactly what one would expect from such a product: action, special effects, obscenities that spice up virtually any meta-cinematic dialogue and comedy, which is the best thing about the film. With this project Reynolds has finally removed from his shoulders a very heavy monkey that answers to the name of green Lantern… Available on Rakuten TV, Chili, Google Play, Infinity, Apple Itunes, TIMVision, Amazon Prime Video.

Deadpool 2 (2018)

Impossible to avoid sequel that takes all the main ideas of the original and inflates them thanks to a higher budget (and it shows) and an equally breezy script. Directed by David Leitch, Deadpool 2 confirms the effectiveness of the product and at the same time its finiteness: it seems impossible that Deadpool in fact can leave this cinematic universe without being downsized, or made more insipid. And at Disney they know it well … Available on Rakuten TV, Chili, Google Play, Apple Itunes, TIMVision, Amazon Prime Video.

What are your favorite movies selling starring Ryan Reynolds? Among the other successful titles of the actor we have left out for example How I’ll kill your bodyguard, an action comedy in which he stars with Samuel L. Jackson e Salma Hayek. A sequel to this project is on the way. And about Reynolds’ upcoming projects we’re pretty curious about it too Free Guy, which promises to be light-hearted and above all unleashed.


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