5 movies to stream on Prime Video all together

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We have chosen five films for you to stream on Amazon Prime Video, suitable for the whole family.

If you have recently discovered that you have access to movies and TV series in streaming its Amazon Prime Video, just because you are already an Amazon Prime customer, you might need a little help selecting five family films that you can share with husbands, wives, young and older children. Adventure, fantasy, action and humor are the main ingredients of this selection that we offer you. Let’s take a closer look at each candidate.

Jumanji – Welcome to the jungle on Amazon Prime Video

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video found Jumanji – Welcome to the jungle, the ironic action with Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan, reinterpretation of the original Jumanji with Robin Williams. Honestly, few would have bet on such a risky recovery, remembering how loved Robin was. The Rock and associates instead, under the guidance of director Jake Kasdan, they were able to pay homage to a classic without deleting it: the four main characters are avatars of four guys who are inadvertently sucked into a video game vintage, with bizarre results (a slightly shy nerd finds himself in Johnson’s shoes!). Great success with the public.

Watch Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle on Amazon Prime Video

Sonic – The streaming movie based on the video game

Although the debut of the trailer was negative, with many fans that in the blue porcupine of Sonic – The movie had not recognized their favorite, the Paramount immediately ran for cover by revising the look of the funny protagonist. The result was one of the best-received films in the box office, among those taken from a video game: we follow the legendary and very fast SEGA hero, Banished to Earth, while in an American provincial town befriends a bumbling sheriff (James Marsden), and if he sees his nemesis, the scientist Dr. Worker (one unleashed Jim Carrey).

Watch Sonic – The Movie on Amazon Prime Video

Antboy, a little superhero on Amazon Prime Video

In reality Antboy is only the first film of a trilogy, all available on Amazon Prime Video, also composed by AntBoy – Red Fury’s Revenge e AntBoy III – Dawn of a new hero. The protagonist of this saga, a sort of child’s answer to the modern feats of Marvel and DC superheroes, is little Pelle, a child like many others, including the crush on Amanda, his classmate. When bitten by a genetically modified ant, in true Peter Parker style, it acquires enough superpowers to be able to save Amanda from a kidnapping …

Save Antboy your Amazon Prime Video

My Spy, Dave Bautista struggling with a very determined girl

On Amazon Prime Video you can also find the comedy My Spy, with the rocky Dave Bautista which you will remember as Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Here Bautista plays the agent of the CIA JJ, assigned to the protection of a family: the little Sophie, 9 years old, is a small blackmailer who claims to learn from him all the rudiments of the JJ spy … able to say no?

Guarda My Spy su Amazon Prime Video

A wolf as a friend, an animal rights tale on Amazon Prime Video

There is nothing that all the members of a family can agree on except a good feature film dedicated to the relationship between children and nature: the Norwegian film is no exception. A wolf for a friend, where twelve-year-old Kim, disappointed by the cancellation of her climbing course, decides independently to cross the mountains between Norway and Sweden. A sincere friendship will bind her to a she-wolf and her baby, whom she will try in every way to defend.

Watch A Wolf as a Friend on Amazon Prime Video


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