If you are interested in searching horror mobile gamesLet us tell you that you have come to the right place.

Although it seems impossible, there is a certain satisfaction in horror video games; the sweat on the hands, the constant rigor and the latent suspense, are perfect ingredients that make us feel alive.

Best of all, not only can we enjoy great titles on consoles or computers, but there are also many mobile games that we can install to die of fear at our fingertips.

Therefore, we want to show you some mobile games that you could download in your smartphone without having to spend a lot or, in the best of scenarios, without having to spend at all.

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100 Horror Doors

If you are a video game lover puzzleThen you are going to love this one, as it not only has complicated riddles, but also adds large doses of terror.

100 Horror Doors is a game in which you will see, as its name says, a hundred doors of terror that will lead you to the path to exit. Each door has a puzzle that you must solve, so your brain will have to be attentive at all times, if you do not want to die in the haunted house.

Not only is the atmosphere terrifying, but it features an intricate horror story, as well as chilling sounds and plenty of secret mechanics.

Available in Android Y iOS


This mobile game is not necessarily the most remarkable in terms of graphics, but that does not mean that it is impossible to feel immersed in a terrifying atmosphere that will keep you tense throughout the game.

The objective of this game, in the first person, is to get out of a house in which a grandmother, not very affectionate, has you locked up. To do this, you must be very careful and patient, since she listens to absolutely everything and ends up giving you many scares.

You can hide in closets or under beds. Without a doubt, the long silences and haunting music will keep you on the edge of the gameplay, but you will have to be very cautious, since you will only have five days (five lives) to leave; otherwise your kind grandmother will come to stab you.

Available in Android Y iOS


You are most likely familiar with the story of Goosebumps; in case it is, you should know that this is the official video game for mobile devices.

In this game, you must avoid, at all costs, that the terrifying doll, Slappy, evil gnomes, werewolves and other frightful creatures, end your life.

In this game, you will come across multiple mysteries, madness and truly terrifying moments.

You will have to collect the pages of the most famous RL Stine books to catch the monsters in them. And, if you have virtual reality glasses, you can put this mode to make the experience even more immersive and full of terror.

What Slappy don’t sow chaos!

Available in Android Y iOS

The Fear: Creepy Scream House

If you are fascinated by dramas, have failed relationships, and feel completely lonely, then you should give this mobile game a try.

Imagine that your partner, with whom you have a daughter, loses his mind to the point where you have to break your relationship and put her in a madhouse. It is possible that from then on you lose contact and end up finding another person who makes you happy as a couple. This is what happens in the game, and things are not going to go as well as you expect.

Something had started to happen to Marta. He was acting strange. A couple of months later he was diagnosed as a psychopath and his cure had not existed. She was carrying out creepy behaviors. He had started to hurt himself. The only option was to take her to the asylum and break up with her. I was so desperate, but it was the best for our family. I met Serena after taking her to the nursing home and married her to forget Marta. My daughter and I have been happy, but it’s like I feel something at night. I’ve dreamed of my ex-wife’s suicide for a couple of days. Sometimes I hear some strange sounds and all this makes me terrify. I don’t talk about it with my girl and daughter because I don’t want to worry them. I do not know what to do. The only thing I know is that I can no longer bear all this … »Terrifying words from the protagonist of the game, whom you will have to help to prevent his family from feeling threatened.

This game has great graphics and the story is deeply emotional, plus a lot of supernatural things happen.

Available in Android

Mental Hospital V Lite

An abandoned hospital can be scary enough if we visit it at night; but, if it is also a psychiatric hospital, things begin to get more serious than we imagine. And much more if there are surveillance cameras and someone is hiding behind them. This video game will make you have a very bad time, but it is something that you will enjoy too much if you are a lover of the genre.

The story begins with a small investigation by a journalist named Mark, who, under strange circumstances, disappears and his entire group of friends are found dead. In this installment, the brother must start looking for the truth.

Would you rather find your brother or stay alive? It is the dilemma that you will have to face with this terrifying game. The exit will always be present, but the answer to the mystery, probably not …

Available in Android Y iOS

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