This month of terror will be particularly different and although we cannot leave home to celebrate as we would in previous years, fortunately, technology, film and video games could be our best allies to enter the world of terror.

Whether you want to enjoy some horror mobile games at your fingertips, see movies on Netflix or Prime Video Or simply and simply, wait for the launch of Visage, a title that is inspired by PT and promises a lot of psychological terror.

There are plenty of options to celebrate and, for this occasion, we want to show you horror audiobooks that could accompany you at night, if you do not want to have nightmares or insomnia. Let your imagination run wild and listen to some of the scariest stories that literature has given us.

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Very few writers can get you as uptight as Bram Stoker. Heavyweight vampire books will transport you from Victorian Britain to the heart of murky Transylvania. When you’re done listening to it, make sure you don’t have fang marks on your neck.

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The Raven

Take a good look around you because a black bird is likely to peck intensely at your door and that sound will drive you crazy. Edgar Allan Poe is an old acquaintance of psychological horror and this is one of his best known and most disturbing stories.

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Imaginary friend

The voice inside the mind of a child in an almost ghost town, ordered a strange mission. His mother, worried about him, will face a series of inexplicable events that will gradually destroy his physical and mental health. This contemporary horror masterpiece was a bestseller of the New York Times.

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Call of Cthulhu

The cosmic horror of Lovecraft will travel straight to the depths of your ears. Cthulhu is neither alive nor dead, he is an infinite entity and those who dare to awaken him will condemn the universe to thousands of years of darkness. Do you dare to enjoy it?

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You can’t talk about horror literature without mentioning Mary Shelley. Another classic reimagined and readapted in other artistic media such as film, video games and television. Discover what torments the heart of one of popular culture’s most beloved monsters.

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PT-inspired game Visage launches on consoles and PC very soon

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