Today, Colombia is considered one of the Latin American countries with the best entrepreneurship ecosystem, not only because of the great talent that is forged in the country, but also because of the number of accelerators and incubators that work every day to help small entrepreneurs.

According iNNpulsa, the entrepreneurship and innovation agency of the National Government, in 2017 startups in Colombia received investments of more than COP 270,000 million, promoting new businesses and generating more than 8,000 jobs in the country.

Therefore, if you are looking for inspiration to create your own business and take advantage of technology to do so, here we bring you 5 Colombian technology startups that you should know.


This venture was created by 3 young people in Colombia and today it is recognized abroad.

Its operation is very simple but has a very positive impact: it is about small robots with wheels that, controlled through artificial intelligence by a team of engineers that monitors movements, transport products home.

Robots look like small cars and have a basket inside, where the user’s order is located.

The idea of ​​this startup is reduce high shipping costs and delivery times. Today, with more than 200 robots, the company has made more than 100,000 deliveries, being the number one robot delivery platform worldwide.


Vozy is a platform for voice communication that leaves behind the boring chats of customer service. Its mission is to help companies have useful conversations with their users.

The startup uses voice technology, artificial intelligence and human understanding to automate communication and develop personalized customer experiences.

This means that when a user requests help over the phone, the company provides a bot with chat capacity, since it resembles a human who can identify words and give a coherent answer, both in English and Spanish.

So, users can change their passwords, confirm or request appointments and other activities which are resolved mainly by call centers.

Although it is a very innovative proposal, the truth is that it still could not replace the work that humans do.

Peak U

Peak U is a Colombian startup that helps recruit talent in the field of technology up to 10 times faster than the traditional way. The company carries out a complete selection process, from the search and contact with the applicants, to the selection of the candidates, for what they use bots and artificial intelligence.

Users, mostly developers, can apply for jobs and the platform is in charge of selecting the best talents.

Definitely, the startup is changing the way companies hire employees, valuing the knowledge and skills of the platform users much more.


This Colombian company developed a machine or mechanism capable of smelling and feeling like a human nose and tongue.

Thanks to the use of hardware y software, as well as artificial intelligence, this device has a electronic mouth that allows you to analyze the components and properties of water or oil based substances, as well as a nose to detect different gases and vapors.

Through this idea, the startup aims to emulate and enhance the reach of the human senses, since the machine detects any substance, both qualitatively and quantitatively and also learns with each use and improves the quality of its analysis.


Chiper is a application aimed at small neighborhood stores or “corner stores”. Through it the owners of neighborhood supermarkets can access a larger vendor database or catalog to compare their prices and get cheaper products.

This startup connects stores directly with producers and takes care of logistics and transportation. Plus, their promise to buy includes product delivery in less than 24 hours, helping owners keep produce fresh and shelves full.