In Mexico, September 19th It can be a sad and stressful date that takes us back to the two great earthquakes that occurred in Mexico City.

From the experience, we learned to prepare safe evacuation routes, to put together an emergency backpack, and to identify the seismic alert.

But what if you don’t hear the alert on the speakers? This is where the following apps come in, which were designed to keep you informed of the possibility of an earthquake.

The most popular: SkyAlert.

This app is, without a doubt, the most popular when it comes to earthquakes, although it is also somewhat controversial on social networks for sharing some false alarms.

In the free version you will have the seismic alert and small notifications of earthquakes greater than 5.0 that do not deserve the alert for the locality where you are. It also shares information about the volcanic activity in Mexico and meteorological alerts.

With the paid version, you will enjoy earthquake filters Depending on your location, it will inform you up to a minute before the earthquake arrives and if you travel to Oaxaca, Chiapas or Guerrero (seismic zones) the app’s GPS will alert you if you are going to feel the movement and if you should take shelter

Likewise, you will have a contact base to communicate in an emergency, as well as service key numbers depending on your location and different personalized notifications of other natural hazards.

SkyAlert is available for Android and iOS.


This app monitors earthquakes with artificial intelligence and sends notifications when the Mexican Seismic Alert System (SASMEX) detects an earthquake.

Your system estimates the level of risk, intensity (strength) and time of arrival of earthquakes at your location, and it informs you even if the earthquake is moderate and although in your location it may be imperceptible.

These notifications could be annoying, so you can configure them to inform you of the earthquake that you will feel where you are. in real time.

If the earthquake detected is very strong, the app will deactivate the night mode of your mobile and inform you with 90 seconds in advance.

SASSLA is available for devices IOS and Android.

In the United States: MyShake

This app was developed by the UC Berkeley Seismology Laboratory and sponsored by the California State Office of Emergency Services.

MyShake record the movements of the environment through your smartphone and send the recorded movements to the Development Central to analyze the magnitude of the movement.

You can configure alerts based on your location, just like him alert tone of notifications and volume of “critical alerts.”

The app also offers maps of the region where the shaking takes place and safety tips in the United States.

My Shake is available for Android and iOS.

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Punishment: CDMX earthquakes and volcanoes

This application does not reproduce the seismic alert, but you will know the cause and effects of earthquakes and volcanoes in CDMX, thanks to the Institute of Geophysics of the UNAM.

The app offers current and past data for a better understanding of these phenomena and disproves several myths about it. For a better understanding show animations, maps and graphics.

This app is available for Android and iOS

Global Alerts: Earthquake

This application will offer you the seismic data from various networks how U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), GeoScience Australia, GNS Science (GeoNet), Instituto Geográfico Nacional, Servicio Sismológico Nacional, British Geological Survey, GFZ GEOFON y Natural Resources Canada, NOAA.

By means of a map with circles of different sizes and colors, you will be able to understand the movements that the different regions of the planet have, their magnitude and minute they occur.

This app is available in iOS.