40 years after Double Fantasy, John Lennon’s last album in life

With the album, a five-year period away from music culminated. He finished it shortly before he was assassinated.

40 years ago, John Lennon launched Double Fantasy, his last album in life. And also, a great declaration of love to his wife, Yoko Ono.

After five years in which Lennon had retired from public life to dedicate himself to raising his son Sean, Double Fantasy arrived at the rafts on November 17, 1980, with classics such as Woman, (Just Like) Starting Over, Watching the Wheels y Wonderful Boy.

And, as the specialists maintain, “it took on unthinkable dimensions”, because the former leader of The Beatles he was killed a few days later, on December 8 of that same year, at the hands of Mark David Chapman at the door of his building, the Dakota, in New York.

For the lyrics of the songs and for their melodic cadences, Double Fantasy it differed from the previous productions of the English artist.

Celebrating love for his wife -in Woman, (Just Like) Starting Over y Dear Yoko– and his little son -en Beautiful Boy- dominate the scene.

The explanation is given by Lennon himself in Watching the Wheels, in which, among other issues, it states: “People say I am crazy doing what I do. Well, they’ve given me all kinds of warnings to save me from ruin. When I say I’m fine, they look at me a little weird. ‘Surely you’re not happy now that you don’t play the game anymore.’

And he adds: “I’m just standing here, watching the wheels go round and round. I really love watching her twists. No more trips on the ‘little train of happiness’. It’s just that I already let it go. “

Featuring sharp plucking and guitar phrasing by Earl Slick and Hugh McCracken, I’m Losing You maintains a very rocker pulse.

Slick and McCracken were joined by other top musicians: bassist Tony Levin, drummer Andy Newmark, keyboardist George Small, and percussionist Arthur Jenkins Jr.

Yoko Ono also made her contribution: sung by her, her theme Kiss, Kiss, Kiss stood out for its hypnotic dance rhythm. Yoko’s interpretation creates climates charged with sensuality. And it culminates in a strident orgasm.

When John and Yoko were asked if they had recorded having sex to achieve that sound, they said no, nothing to see. And Yoko added: “It’s acted, I’m an artist for a reason, right? “

Lennon had taken up inspiration in the Bermuda Islands. There he began to write the songs that would shape his new album.

Legend has it that the success of his former partner Paul McCartney with his song Coming Up, of the disk McCartney IIIt was also an incentive for Lennon to re-record.

Paradoxically, the familiar tone of Paul’s creations in his first solo work of 1970, when the wounds from the dissolution of The Beatles were open, they had motivated some teasing from Lennon.

For the realization of Double Fantasy, the contract was signed with the David Geffen seal. Jack Douglas was chosen as producer.

Journalist Robert Hilburn visited the couple in the recording studio. He was surprised to see John skinnier and in a very good mood.



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