There are four days until the US presidential election. Iltalehti gathers the most important themes of the day in the election summary every day before the election.

On Friday, both presidential candidates headed to the Midwest states. Republicans Donald Trumpin the program included Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Democrats Joe Biden Friday’s campaigning began in Iowa.

In the last election, Trump received the votes of Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin from Democrats. Biden is trying to get the votes back now. According to polls, he leads in all but Iowa only narrowly, says AFP.

Pennsylvania promises legal challenges if the outcome is tight

The final result of the election may not be clear immediately after the election.

According to legal experts, in the state of Pennsylvania, for example, legal challenges can be seen if the outcome is tight. He tells about it Washington Post.

The Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday not to overturn the Pennsylvania overtime on the arrival of postal votes. According to current information, postal votes arriving three days after election day will be taken into account. However, three Conservative judges of the Supreme Court have signaled that the matter might be reconsidered after the election.

The state authorities have instructed the municipalities to differentiate between postal voices arriving at different times in the event of legal disputes in the state. Both Trump’s and Biden’s lawyers have already done groundwork in the state.

Uncertainty about the situation is compounded by the fact that some municipal authorities have said that, for resource reasons, they can only start counting postal votes the morning after election day.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said again on Twitter on Thursday that Democrats would try to “steal” the election and that Pennsylvania’s decision to overtime postal votes would be a “disaster”.

State authorities have urged people, where possible, to vote at the polling station on election day so that the outcome does not depend on votes received in the mail after election day. Meanwhile, a record number of coronary infections were reported in the United States on Friday, more than 88,500 in a single day.

Republicans reach Democrats

Advance voting has been record active.

In four major states in Florida, North Carolina, Nevada and Iowa, Republicans are reaching out to Democrats on the basis of advance votes. The data is based on Catalist company data, he says CNN.

Both candidates campaigned fiercely in those states.

Trump won Florida in the last election by just over a percentage point. According to preliminary data, Democrats are now leading by four percentage points in advance votes, up from nine percentage points last week.

In the past, it has been estimated that a high percentage of advance voting would fall specifically into the laurel of Democrats, as Republican voters are traditionally more active on election day.

Record sales of weapons

During the current year, arms sales in the United States have been at a record high. It has been fueled by insecurity caused by the corona pandemic, according to arms dealers.

The giant chain Walmart announced on Thursday that it would move guns behind locks in its stores due to “unrest”.

Philadelphia media say at least one Walmart store has been robbed after police shot a black man on Monday Walter Wallace Jr.:n to death and this led to riots.

On Friday, the company reversed its decision and began returning guns to stores again, Reuters reports.

– We asked the stores to move guns and ammunition out of sight in the stores after the civil unrest caused damage to several stores from the beginning of the week. Because these cases are geographically isolated, we have decided to move these products back to department stores today, the company said in a statement.

The US elections also affect Finland

Three experts tell Iltalehti why Finns should also be interested in the US presidential election.

Director of the Finnish Foreign Policy Institute Mika Aaltolan According to Finland, the attitude of the US President towards Russia is crucial. It can also be deduced from the result of the US election in which direction the rest of the Western world is going.

Director of Trade Policy at the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK Hanna Laurénin According to him, the distance between the big economic powers in the USA and China is also important for Finland. This can affect Finnish investments, among other things.

Often, a political culture also moves from the United States to Europe, says a U.S. research professor Mikko Saikku From the University of Helsinki. The political debate in the US has been very blatant and Trump’s way of using Twitter has changed a lot of the whole political culture.

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