Huawei continues to take accelerated steps towards the creation of its own digital ecosystem and more and more developers are choosing its AppGallery application store to distribute and promote their creations.

And although we can already find several big names (Tik Tok, Snapchat, Telegram, etc.), some of the most powerful apps in the world are not yet available. Fortunately there is a very effective solution available.

If you are the proud owner of one of the new Huawei devices without Google services or the Google PlayStore, you could already discover that you have a pre-installed Huawei Browser.

It is also available for download from the AppGallery of Huawei, in case you want to use it for its optimized experience via EMUI.

This interesting mobile browser offers several solutions to have applications on the new latest generation phones and tablets of the Chinese technological titan. We tell you about a few so that you can elevate the experience of your Huawei device with the applications:

1. External application installers

There are websites that obtain APKs (application source codes) and make them available to users. This option is the fastest, but you must be careful because the APKs that these sites contain are not certified and that represents a security risk.

The platforms with the best reputation and inventory are Aptoide, Apkpure Y Apkmonk, but there are several.

In them you can find virtually any app you are looking for, including Netflix, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, with the risk that we already told you.

2. Install direct jumps to responsive sites

This option is very interesting because it is clean, simple and efficient. It is not properly downloading an app or an apk, but in many cases the experience is fundamentally the same. For example, with the Google suite like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, etc.

You have a very similar experience from your responsive websites; You can even log into your Google account and use all the services.

The same goes for other popular services like Netflix or Spotify. HUAWEI browser allows you to place direct jumps to responsive sites with an extremely similar experience to apps, even optimizing data use in some cases.

Follow this short guide and expand the experience of your Huawei. Open desired website> go to Menu (three dots)> click Add to main screen> DONE.

3. Search for APKs in the browser

Another option that can make your life easy is to search for APKs directly in the search engine. This solution may surprise you, although it has the same problem as third-party app stores with app certification.

Enter the words “Install (application name) APK for Android” in the search bar.

This works for both phones with available Google services, as well as new ones with HUAWEI Mobile Services. Among the search results, be sure to locate the official site of each application.

Don’t use apocryphal pages that contain faulty APKs that affect your experience.

4. Petal Search (App Search)

It is Huawei’s powerful search robot and soon the Chinese brand’s search engine, although it currently works as Huawei’s native app search service.

It offers you the facility to find more than a million application services around the world. You can navigate the AppGallery platform to explore available apps, as well as other apps and services in third-party app markets (like the one above).

A direct jump to this service is pre-installed in the Speed ​​Dial of the Huawei Navigator home, it is highly recommended.

What do you think? We invite you to put these tactics to the test and tell us on social networks what your experience was.