Spam calls are a serious problem that influences millions of people around the world. A few days ago we discussed some data with you where we all revealed that the pandemic had lowered the number of these calls in 2020, this according to the Truecaller report, however, Mexico continues to be one of the Latin North american markets with the highest number of unsolicited mail calls by user.

Worldwide, all of our country is in 11th position, however in third place in all of Latin The us, only behind Brazil and Republic of chile. For that reason it is likely that you constantly get spam calls, either to offer you a good banking service, insurance, a credit, or the famous change of corporation.

And it is that although an individual kindly ask them to stop bothering an individual, this never happens, so additional measures must be taken to avoid responding to these calls, and here we are going to inform you of 3 options that you can use on Android mobile phone and iOS to avoid these types of telephone calls.

Google Phone

The Google phone software package that is installed on Google Pixels, devices in the Android One program plus some other equipment such as Xiaomi is an excellent free option to avoid answering a good spam call.

Google has a good database of company numbers plus spam reports, so when you receive a probable call from span you will see a warn in red that will allow you to reflect the call to voicemail if you wish.

In case you want these calls in order to even bother you, you can switch on the option “Filter spam calls” so they really go directly to your voice mail.

On Samsung phones

Samsung also has something to block spam calls, although it is not a good technology that the South Korean corporation has developed, but they have teamed up along with Hiya to provide a database of unsolicited mail calls and thus be able to notify each one user when an incoming call is definitely reported as possible spam.

As with all the Google tool, Samsung allows you to quickly block spam calls so that they tend not to even bother you with a schwingung or tone, these calls only will go directly to your voicemail.

Truecaller, my favorite

Truecaller is an option that can be found for both Android and iOS, however, on Android it works greater due to Apple’s limitations with level of privacy. The advantage of Truecaller is the intensive user base that feeds the databases and reports the numbers like spam and also identifies which company is definitely the number that bothers you, so that you will know if it is the bank, your phone company, or a possible fraud.

The good thing about Truecaller is that you can create your and pass your data on blacklisted numbers and registrations between any kind of Android phone, although since the backup is conducted in Drive or iCloud, it isn’t possible to take your data from one system to another .

With this application also, it is possible that spam calls and emails go directly to the mailbox so they really do not bother you.