The Good End of 2020 It will begin this Monday, November 9, and for the first time in its history it will last more than 4 days, extending up to almost 2 weeks. In part this means that we will probably be able to find more offers, because, although there are constantly certain products on offer while supplies last, there are others that are usually available for a certain time, so the more days the event lasts, the more likely we will see more offers .

But before you fall into a deception or get carried away by an offer, we recommend that you follow these steps so that you avoid being deceived or robbed, because attacks and deception are also going to be very common on the Good End, especially for those who go shopping online.

As Alcatel has mentioned to us, citing a study by the AMVO (Mexican Association of Online Sales) the 71% of consumers are thinking of purchasing a product or service during the Good End, of which 41% will make their purchases through online channels. For that recommendation, we will make you 3 recommendations that you must follow to avoid any problems with your online purchases.

Avoid falling for misleading offers

It is normal that in these types of events there is sometimes an offer that catches our attention and we buy the product, the problem is that later we realize that we did not even need to make that purchase. For that reason it is good that you go thinking about what you want to buy and make a wish list or wish list.

Practically all online stores have a shopping list in which you can add products, so it is important that from this moment you add those products to the list, in this way during the Good End you will know if the product has an offer. Now, if you buy on Amazon there is a very simple way to know if the offer is real, or if they have raised the price and then lower it to the normal price and make us think that it is an offer, if you want to know how to do it, here is the link to the tutorial.

But no matter where online you go to buy, never make a purchase without comparing the prices of the same product in other stores, because from experience I can tell you that many times I have paid more in a store for not comparing prices in this type of events before finalizing the purchase.

Be careful with your payment method; use only secure means

The most important recommendation is that regardless of which store you go to buy from, always use a secure means of payment, for example: PlayPal, Mercado Pago or digital bank cards. In fact, banks like BBVA often offer some discounts or promotions in this type of event when using digital cards, the advantage of which is that they offer a dynamic PIN that constantly changes and thus offers the highest possible security for online purchases in case of someone to get your bank details.

The most common means of payment in stores outside of Amazon and Mercado Libre is PayPal, so if you don’t have an account yet, we recommend that you open it immediately and add your card and bank account. In other establishments you can also use Mercado Pago, and it is very likely that this service offers many promotions on the Good End in establishments because it has been doing so for several years.

Avoid spam and phishing

It is highly likely that many people receive emails or text messages with fake offers that will take you to sites that despite looking authentic are not. This practice is very common and very old, and many people continue to fall for it. They are more common in events such as the Good End because it is easier to fool someone with an offer, for that reason you should always check the following:

  • Check the sender’s email, many times they are emails from “companies” with Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook domains, when your domain should be the name of your company, for example [email protected] and not [email protected]
  • Whenever they redirect you to a site they ask for your login details, but the URL must have something different in the name, and the certificate is not secure, that is, the site does not start with https.
  • If an offer comes to you by email, it is best that you go to the application or official website and look for that product, but do not log in from the link to which the email directs you because you could be giving away your access data, like this that avoids this or certifies that the site you are entering is correct.