The United States has long been the world’s leading coronavirus country. On Friday, it also grabbed a questionable record from India when 100,233 new cases of coronavirus were diagnosed in the country.

The previous daily record in the name of India (97,894) was from September.

Much is said about the epidemic situation in the United States by the fact that the record record for the summer (77,299 daily cases) has broken as many as five times in the last ten days. In practice, several new coronavirus infections are found every second in the US.

From the point of view of the presidential election, accelerating the epidemic is, of course, a bad thing Donald Trumpin in terms of. He would like to focus on all other issues, as most citizens consider Trump to be at least a culprit in the free spread of the virus.

“You knew our doctors would get more money if someone died of a coronavirus,” Trump tried to shift the guilt to the neck of white coats.

– Our doctors are really smart. Now they say, “oh what a horrible thing he said again,” but it’s true. They get about $ 2,000 more, the president claimed.

Naturally, the entire medical profession was collectively injured by the president’s allegations.

– No, no doctor gets more money by registering COVID-19 as the cause of human death. In fact, for most of us, wages have fallen, specializing in infectious diseases Nahid Bhadelia said The Guardianin by.

– I don’t know where to start. First, the argument is offensive. Second, front-line medics have been saving lives. And doctors don’t get a dime extra, colleague Ashish jha continued.

Trump’s attack also gave the opponent a chance To Joe Biden good seam underline men’s differences.

– President Trump still has no plans for a coronavirus. He has surrendered to you, your family, and the whole of America. He just wants us to get caught up in the horror and pain of the deaths, Biden tweeted.

– We can not afford four more years of his failed leadership.

Biden will continue his own campaign in the Midwestern Libyan states. The former president has been lured as the audience magnet for his Detroit election Barack Obama and a city of music of great value Stevie Wonder.

The Pennsylvania election result may not emerge until the courtrooms find out that nearly 10,000 postal voting forms have disappeared somewhere.

– Something has happened between the Post Office and the Pittsburgh Sort Center. We don’t know what, Butler County Electoral Director Aaron Sheasley told CNN.

Pennsylvania’s 20 constituents may be crucial to the entire election. Biden leads the state in an internal poll, but Trump is now campaigning aggressively.

Tens of thousands of dual citizens of Finland and the United States will also vote in the elections. Business consultant reached by Iltalehti Silve Parvainen gave a rude picture of Trump’s presidency.

– I’d rather vote for a Labrador Retriever than Trump. There is a crazy situation in the country at the moment, Parviainen said.

– Biden wants to be the president of the whole nation, while Trump just wants to be the president of his supporters, he continued.