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A total of 26 people have died in a crash of a military plane in Ukraine after an Antonov An-26 crashed during a training flight near the military airport in the city of Chugúyev, in the Kharkov region, in the northeast of the country.

“The bodies of 25 people at the scene of the accident. One person died in the hospital and another was injured and is admitted, “said the State Emergency Service in a statement.

On the military plane, which caught fire when crashing on this Friday night about two kilometers from the military airport, 27 people were traveling, of which seven were officers and 20 cadets from the Kharkov Air Force University.

Two people had survived to the accident, but one of them passed away this Saturday in the hospital as a result of the serious injuries suffered in the tragedy, according to the same source.

Initially 28 people were scheduled to fly in the An-26, a twin-engine turboprop tactical transport aircraft, but at the last minute one of the cadets could not participate in the flight.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky expressed his condolences to the families and friends of the victims and announced that a state commission will investigate the accident for “find out all the circumstances in which this catastrophe occurred “.

After declaring this Saturday a day of national mourning, he moved to the scene of the accident, where he demanded the relevant experts detailed information on composition and technical condition of all military equipment in service.

The commission of inquiry It has already started its work, and the Ministers of the Interior and Defense, Arsén Avákov and Andréi Tarán, as well as the head of the State Emergency Service, Mikola Chechotkin, and the head of the Kharkov Regional Administration, Alexéi Kucher, are also present at the scene of the accident.

Too they have joined the investigations the leadership of the State Investigation Office, the Office of the Attorney General and the General Staff of the Air Force.

According to preliminary information handled by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), the cadets did not directly operate the military aircraft it was in charge of the commander.

After having already carried out part of the training flight, this alerted of a failure in the left engine of the An-26 and seven minutes later the aircraft crashed.

According to the Defense Minister, the preliminary assessment points to a failure of one of the sensors left engine and probably a wing of the plane touched the ground when trying to land.

According to Tarán, the engine could have still served 5,000 flight hours before your next review. The plane was manufactured in 1977 and on Friday it made several takeoffs and landings, so initially everything went according to the training plan.

The Vice Minister of the Interior, Antón Gueráschenko, explained on his Facebook page that every time the plane landed it was examined by technicians before taking off again. As noted by the pilot, who he would have been “generally calm”, was preparing to land with a single engine. At the time of the accident there was good visibility in the area and the wind was minimal, she added.

Prime Minister Denis Shmigal said at an urgent government meeting that there will be no more training flights with An-26 aircraft and their analogues until the facts are clarified.

The State Investigation Office leads the investigations and has initiated criminal proceedings for alleged violation of flight rules and preparation of them together with investigators and experts from the National Police, according to a statement.

I know investigate various hypotheses of the cause of the accident, including a possible technical failure, inadequate performance of their duties by the crew or by the officials in charge of flight control, and eventual improper maintenance of the aircraft and its preparation for flight. training flight.



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